1. How cute. I'm gonna sign up my doggies.
  2. Wow, really, just the two of us? I woulda thought there would be a LOT more Dogster/Catster peeps here!
  3. I was using it on Facebook, but then I dumped that app. for DogBook >_> Both my Chi's are on that though, I wish I could post it!
  4. WOW! How cute!!!!!
  5. I know! That really surprises me.
    Get with the program people! lol:p
  6. i just signed up! it's so cute! i don't know how to break up the bio into paragraphs though (i guess i'm longwinded) it doesn't work when i press enter or use the html to leave a line break.

    anyway. here's lily
  7. oh my gosh! i had NO idea this existed! MUST make profiles for my kids now!!! ADORABLE!!!!
  8. OOOO I love that! When I get a chance I'm going to sign my 3 cats up! :smile: