Dog's teeth.. Help??


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Aug 4, 2008
Alberta, Canada
Hey everyone.

Recently, our 14 year old Bichon-Shihtzu Toby has started to have really bad breath. Tonight my mom tried to use a toothbrush to brush his teeth, but he wouldn't let her and kept snapping at us. She tried to wipe them with a face cloth but that didn't go too well either. I know there are special cookies that freshen dogs breath and also doggy toothbrushes but is there anything else that anyone can suggest? My mom was thinking about taking him to the vet to get his teeth cleaned.



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Aug 8, 2006
I would probably go for the teeth cleaning. He might have a loose or broken tooth that needs to come out. Is he still chewing his hard food/treats ok?


Jul 21, 2009
It's not the best technique, but you can brush teeth holding the muzzle closed. See if you can get your baby to like the tooth brush by spreading peanut butter on it the first few days.

This video will give you an idea how to brush with muzzle closed.

This is suppose to be a really good product for cleaning teeth. The manager at a doggy health food store I shop used it on a few rescue dogs with horrible teeth and she told me it worked miracles.
All you need to do is wipe it on the dog's teeth. No brushing required. Read the reviews, you need to be careful with dosing so it doesn't upset you pups tummy.

Raw bones are the best way for a dog to have clean teeth naturally. I would buy fresh bones from the butcher. Marrow bones are good but I like giving femur bones too. I just bought a large bag of lamb femurs and my guys spend hours chewing them. They are messy but you can train you dog to stay on a mat or in a crate while chewing.
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Dec 18, 2005
It's not the best technique, but you can brush teeth holding the muzzle closed. See if you can get your baby to like the tooth brush by spreading peanut butter on it the first few days.
Thank you, boxermomof2, that is a great idea about the PB on the brush! My baby hates having her teeth brushed, so I very rarely do it. She bites down on the brush and doesn't let me take it out of her mouth :nuts: I think I'll try the PB technique!


Jul 21, 2009
Or you could buy a toothpaste formulated for dogs. I use one from C.E.T on my pup and he loves it -- probably cos it (supposedly) tastes like chicken.

Here's the link to the C.E.T site:

HTH :smile:
Good point! Don't use human toothpaste! :nuts:I use C.E.T. too.
Our vet recommended starting with peanut butter on the brush, then mix peanut butter with toothpaste, and phase out the peanut butter. It worked for me. My guys sit calmly while I brush their teeth. :smile:


Aug 17, 2006
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My Mabel likes to chew on meat bones and my local butcher saves them for me.

She fractured her back molar, unbeknown to me until I noticed her breath was really bad. I have been brushing her teeth w/ a finger brush since she was a puppy and I didn't notice the fractured tooth. I took a closer inspection of her mouth and found the problem. She had her tooth pulled last week, breath back to normal and he cleaned her teeth at the same time.

I love when she gives me her new Pepsodent smile now. :nuts::biggrin:


Mar 11, 2010
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does your dog have inflammed gums or that dark brown like plaque? brushing is good if you do it weekly but dogs really need their teeth cleaned regulary. there are spots you just can't get with a toothbrush.

we found a place that does anesthesia-free cleaning. my dog came out with pearly whites and the best breath! it was less expensive than putting them under, which i am against unless totally necessary.