Dogs On Death Row In Ohio

  1. There are several dogs slated to be euthanized at the Adams County Dog Pound located in West Union, Ohio. One of the volunteers at the shelter informed me Adams County is the second poorest county in the state. They are in desperate need of aid and support, and these dogs need a Christmas miracle.

    Here’s the link:

    Here's what the volunteer wrote about one of the coonhounds at the shelter.

    "We cannot hold this dog past 12/11. This dog is precious, lays by our desks, is quiet and very timid. He has the saddest eyes. Poor Bernie! He is a thin, shy, needy boy. Our pound gets so many purebred hunting dogs who have spent their short lives tied to a tree, sleeping in a box and left hungry so they will hunt. Bernie has escaped the saddest of his fate as a hunting dog, can you save him from his fate at the pound?" :sad::sad:
  2. OMG poor sweet Bernie!

    Is there any way to send the shelter a donation to keep Bernie longer??
  3. Bernie looks so sad. :sad:

    Here's the e-mail address for Mary one of the volunteers at the shelter. I'm sure the volunteers would be so happy to hear there are people who want to help in anyway possible.

    Thank you for caring. :smile:
  4. BUMP

    I am going to send her an e-mail right now...I am begging others to do the same!!
  5. I was hoping some animal lover on this forum who lived in Ohio would help.:sad: