Dogs & LV

  1. I finally broke my rule about no bags with vachetta and got a Speedy 30 for Christmas. Love it! :love: I've only carried it once since I was paranoid about staining it. Anyhoo, yesterday I was considering carrying it when my dog licked the whole zipper leaf...and it left a mark! Barely noticeable after drying but I was whipping out the Wilson's this morning like a gun slinger in an old western.

    So my y'all spray the vachetta piping and if so what happens if it gets on the canvas? I sprayed the leaf this morning after covering the bag in saran wrap. My poor little Speedy looks very silly. :lol:

    Yak meant to change the title to this thread and forgot! Well it does mention dogs....
  2. I use Wilson's and I spray all my bags - the entire bag (canvas or fabric), including the interior. It won't hurt the canvas. I just let it dry. You can wipe it off if you want.
  3. ^^ Thanks much! :flowers:

    Can't wait to start carrying my bag.
  4. i try not to get the spray on the canvas, but inevitably, it will get on the canvas. it doesn't hurt the canvas. i just wipe it off with a clean cloth.