Dogs in Doctor's/Dentist's offices????

  1. So, my dentist that I have been going to for about 6 years has a HUGE Bernese Mountain Dog that stays in the office all day and roams around when he feels like it (although I honestly have never seen him in any of the actual "treatment" rooms). Does anyone think that is a little odd or against some kind of Health Code???

    On another note, same topic, I was at my orthopedic surgeon's office yesterday and a lady had her small Maltipoo looking dog with her and no one said anything???

    I am THE biggest dog lover and I would take my dogs everywhere if I could, but IMO a Doctor/Dentist office is just not the place......I think it is probably worse than bringing them into a place where food is. What is tPF concensus on this??? BTW I am all for taking pups to Target (from another post) as long as they are small dogs and in a bag or in the shopping cart :yes:
  2. I am almost certain it has to be against your state's applicable health code! I love animals, but think that there are places where pups and cats (and pet rodents and reptiles!) just should not be. I think that doctors offices falls into that realm, in my view.
  3. That is nasty. I would find another dentist. I wouldnt trust his judgement.
  4. Yeah Target is completely different:lol: ITA with you on this....He should not have the dog in the office.
  5. I wouldn't want to see a dog in a surgery suite but I don't see a problem just in an office. I went to a plastic surgeon's office once and there was a yorkie running around. I thought it was so cute. I know someone who brings her Maltese to the doctor with her. I'd never try it myself but it doesn't really bother me. I'm not sure if it's against health codes or not though. I would think that there is actually more of a risk of getting some type of infection from the other people at the doctor's office than from a dog. I've never gotten sick from a dog but had a lot of people make me sick.
  6. It wouldn't bother me, it's not like the dog's going into surgery with you. I would think they would keep those room pretty sterile. but in the outside office part I don't see the big deal. Most people like it/think its cute/ makes them happy/provides a friendly atmosphere...and probably helps to calm nervous people down!
  7. I don't mind seeing dogs in doctor offices (even though I've personally never seen it for myself) But I would be upset if I saw one in the actual check up room.
  8. I know this sounds weird but maybe it is a relaxation thing. I know it is not up to a "code" of health, but people are more relaxed when there are animals present...maybe your dentist finds the dog relazes people.

    I am a total animal person too and would feel better if there was a dog, only if it was ok with a health code.
  9. My dad is a dentist and my stepmother ALWAYS brings her golden to the office. Mostly she keeps him in the business office part because if OSHA came in it would be a HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGE FINE. She soesn't really believe in following rules though . . . she also doesn't care if anyones allergic in the biz office or is scared of a 90lb. dog. She can be pretty mean! I mean I see her wanting the dog there because I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A JOB WHERE I COULD, BUT . . .

    My mom also as the maganger at a very very exclusive south Fl dental office where some big names come in for treatment (it is all cosmetic) and one stars mom kept bringing her little dog. My mom had to tell her she couldn't take the pup back in the treatment room because of OSHA and the lady went off on my mom!! I felt so bad for my mom because she looooooves pets, but she had to do her job!

  10. are allowed in doctors/dentists offices and they are a lot more germy than dogs! LOL :p
  11. I know of a urologist's office in N. Ont. that has 2 resident doxies! Very calming for those with fobias IMO!
  12. I had a dentist that had a cat who would roam the office. You could also have the cat sit on your lap if you wanted her to and you needing something to calm you down in the dentist's chair. That cat really helped me many time. I am scared to death just to walk into the dentist's office.
  13. My friend's pediatrician had a really intelligent pig, and the kids loved it.
  14. I completely understand your concern. But I don't think it's against the health code as i've seen "therapy dogs" that go around children's hospital (even in cancer units with little patients that are more prone to infection b/c of chemo's effect on white blood cells) to cheer up the patients.
  15. it wouldn't bother me at all... i might even make me feel better when i'm at the dentist. just seeing animals of any type usually has a calming effect for me. it's not like the doggie is "cleaning" the instraments with his tongue.