Dogs can't carry fakes either

  1. Prepare for those doggone lawsuits | - Houston Chronicle

    I always thought these were sooo cute. Kinda sad to see them as a target for LVMH and other big names, but I guess it's only right. Doggies can't carry fakes either! What's the world coming to! lol
    Tho, I'd much rather my dog be chewing a fake then my real ones!
    My dog has fab taste, he chewed on his Lv collar from when he was a little guy (he's a mastiff so it didn't fit long) and he also ate a wallet of my hubby's that was brown mono print. It was salvageable, tho slobbery at first. :cursing:


    Spreaking of, I saw a BH bag on a 2nd hand LV site that had terrible chew marks. The seller said it had only been carried once before going into the puppy's mouth. Uggh!
    Good news is the bag is cheap now! lol


    So my verdict is, for the good of our bags, that LVMH should leave the dog chew company alone and let them make doggy purses! lmao :shrugs:
  2. I didn't click on the link - sorry.

    Are they trying to sue again? I thought the judge threw out the case. Anyway, my doggie loves her chewie. It was a gift from a friend.
  3. The article was dated March 10, 2007 so I guess it's current. I just thought it was crappy since I LOVE those toys! They are always in magazines I read. lol

    I just got the black MC bandeau too! Are you loving yours?
  4. This is too bad - those toys are so cute and I really wish I can get some for my dog when I get one.
    With all the counterfeiters that explore people, finance terrorism etc, you'd think LVMH would go after them instead of some dog toy manufacturer.. :shrugs:
  5. I thought those were cute..
  6. LOL!!! Chewnel!!! :roflmfao:
  7. Me too:yes:
  8. They have Bark Jacobs, Sniffany & Co, Manolo Barknik, Dog Perignon, etc...
  9. that chewed LV bag, a nightmare!!!!
  10. That is disgusting for using Louis Vuitton's name to make cheap dog toys. I really hope they lose everything and than some. I've noticed that Louis Vuitton are laying down lawsuits on a lot of people and I think that's amazing!

    If someone want's Louis Vuitton for their dog - Louis Vuitton makes dog products. There's also Gucci bones and many French dog companies that I buy stuff from for my dog. I wouldn't want to harm my dog or family with some third-world knock-off.
  11. I don't believe they're putting Louis Vuitton on the chew toys....I think it's Chewy Vuitton. This is the same kind of dispute with counterfeit long as they're not using the actual name and claiming it's real it's OK.
    Personally....I think they're cute and if my dog was a girl he's totally get the cerises one!
  12. I just checked out their website and they are not infringing on the LV trdemark logo (it's a CV) and the 'Vuitton' is only with one 'T'
  13. I love those multicolor chewy toys.
    Maybe I should get them before they get pulled out of the market :smile:
  14. I think they are adorable. I came really close to buying a few for my pups- but Dh said they would start eating my realy bags!
  15. I would much rather LV go after real counterfiters, rather than this harmless paraody....what a waste of time and money! I think I am going to write a letter to corporate.

    No one is ever going to confuse these with really LV.

    Just my 2 cents