Dogs and cataracts...

  1. So one of my dachshunds is blind due to cataracts. Does anyone have a dog with cataracts? What has been your experience? Or has anyone had them successfully removed? And if so, how much did it cost? She is like a little drunk sailor, running into walls and trying to exit out of the back of her crate. It is breaking my heart. I would like her to spend her golden years at least being able to see..... sigh... I am calling my vet tomorrow.
  2. My previous dog, Abby, was a ****zu and had very bad eyes. When she was young, she had an accident (we don't know what happened because it was during the night) and her eye popped out of the socket. A few years later, that eye developed cataracts and she went blind in that eye. We decided to take her to the U of MN to have it removed, but unfortunately it didn't work. She scarred up and only had sight in her other eye. With time, she learned where everything was in the house. She could walk around confidently and not run into things. She did get more snippity towards stranger and we had to watch her very carefully when she was outside. It was very difficult to watch her suffer. She ended up dying of what we believe was a heart attack. She got scared by the cars on the nearby highway while outside one night.

    It's a tough call to do the surgery. It's expensive, but if it works, it would improve her quality of life immensely. Given the choice to do it over again, I'd still take the risk. Make sure you ask your vet lots of questions and get an estimate of her success in surgery. I pray that everything goes well for you and your baby!!

  3. Yes, both of my dogs have them. However, they are not blind yet, so I've just had my vet keep an eye on them.

    Alot of what the vets says depends on how old your Doxie is, what the medical history is, etc. Also depends on if you have one or both eyes done too. My vet gives one a choice to restore one eye or both. I'm sure you've asked your vet the prices and all he charges, since it can vary greatly from vet to vet and state to state. Good luck!
  4. Thanks you guys. My vet is sending me the name of a specialist to take her to. One of her eyes is completely white. The other one looks like it is starting to cloud.

    The vet did say since she was over 10 years old I will need to evaluate the cost vs how many good years she has left (you were right, Speedy) as the surgery could be expensive (up to $2000!!:wtf:). Sigh. At the very minimum perhaps they could get one eye working again.. then we wouldn't have the nightly *wall* issue... lol. Poor sweetie.
  5. My childhood dog was blind from a pretty young age (half dachshund, half poodle). He would learn where everything was, got up and down the stairs, etc. It would throw him off for a while if furniture was moved, but he would relearn it pretty quickly. When he got older, though, it was more difficult on him. I don't think my family ever seriously considered surgery, but maybe he adapted better from being blind as a young dog rather than going blind as an adult dog.
  6. i have no experience with blind dogs. Hugs and prayers for you and your dog.
  7. My 16 yo dog has cataracts. The vet told us that it is common amongst older dogs and that there is nothing we can do. I would think that surgery would be over a $1,000 or more. Definitely go see the vet and have your dog be examined. The vet will tell you what you should do. Best wishes to you.
  8. bumping this to see if anyone has new insight...

    My amazing Yorkie (he'll be 8 in April) was diagnosed with pranceatitus and diabetes on thanksgiving. Since then, it's just been a downward spiral with complications, infections, and now cataracts. I had a meeting with the vet yesterday and he informed me that from pre-op to post-op it would cost me about $6,000! I was taken aback with the figure and am at a loss of what to do.
  9. My sisters 16 y/o yorkie has full on cataracts, to the point that the vet cannot see past them when doing an exam. His age and the extent of his cataracts is way beyond the point of surgery. Amazingly enough he gets around pretty well, hardly bumping into things. So in this case he was not a good candidate for surgery, but I do know someone that had this done to her 11 y/o westie. She said after her surgery the dog gained alot of her confidence back. Her westie had cataracts in both eyes, but only had the surgery in one.