Dogone wallet, pros and cons?


I have a Dogon wallet. I like it but I don't use it as an everyday wallet because I like the Bearn better. I do use my Dogon when I go out at night and don't want to take a bag. It is also very useful when I travel because I can fit my passport in there as well as receipts, traveler's checks, etc. I also like the little change purse that come with it. It is perfect for holding some cash and coins and there is a little pocket on the outside that holds my debit card.

I am adding a couple of other links for you to look at:
I echo DG's thoughts on the Dogon. I do love it, but it is definitely not a compact-sized wallet. It is extremely easy to get things into and out of the wallet as it's quite generously-sized and is indeed perfect for travel as it's large enough to handle larger currency bills. The pull-out change purse is nice as it as two slots on the front so you can just put your license and a credit card with some bills in the zipper compartment and pull that out to run quick errand or transfer to an evening bag.

I switch back and forth between the Bearn, Dogon and the pocket Azap. The Dogon is very sturdy and casual and I toss it into my GPTs and larger bags. Bearn and pocket Azap are used for smaller, more formal bags.
I just ran across this thread. I don't know if anyone still cares, but I'd recommend the Dogone. I adore mine. DH had to talk me into it. It holds tons of cards and the insert zippered section has a vertical and horizontal card holder. I keep my ID in the horizontal and other cards in the vertical. This way, I can take the insert out, fold it in half, stick it in a front pocket or in a smaller handbag. I can also put a checkbook in the main currency compartment.
i love my dogon wallet too. it is big and not compact, but it's perfect for me. it feels durable and i use it as my everyday wallet.
compared to a bearn, i feel that the dogon wallet is more me cause i don't baby my wallets. saying that i love the design of the bearn wallet, so i got one for my mom (she's more gentle than me :biggrin: LOL)
i have the bearn wallet initally and purchased a dogon when my bearn is sent for repair and i needed a wallet. now i dont know how to switch back to the bearn since i love how versatile the dogon wallet is. i have all the compartments and i can actually use it as a clutch. i can even fit my cell phone in there.
Am bumping this because I am thinking of getting a dogon. If anyone has anything else to add, I would be most appreciative. TIA.

(I am also looking at all the other wallet threads and feeling like goldilocks - everything is too big or small)

I think the bearn (long one with gusset) is a bit too serious

dogon - worried it is a bit too wide and too much wallet 8x 5

dogon combined - somehow too summery casual - I am urban

azap - a bit too plain

Kelly wallet - wondering if I should get this to use as a clutch.

I don;t want to end up with a wardrobe of unused wallets because then I would have no cash left to put in them. :biggrin:

Right now I have all cc in a mini bearn and cash everywhere. no coins.
I have had and sold two dogons - just found the clasp too fussy, so I left it undone most of the time. And although it's a big wallet, it didn't seem to hold all that much (but took up a lot of space).

Have a bearn tri-fold that I love for the 10 card slots. But again, I found the tab in the H clasp fussy so rarely used it.

I now use and LOVE the large Azap combined. Fits a ton, zips closed, has a lot of larger compartments so it will work really nicely for travel (i.e., slipping in a passport). I really love it.

If you want something smaller, I think the azap long is good too (had a BV wallet just like it). Fits a lot, easy to get in and out of.

Good luck with your decision!
Hi 880, I just got the Bern with the gusset in blue jean, it holds everything beautifully,
I love it. The color is fun. I thought the dogon would be too big for me, and love the
Kelly, but didn't want to unlock the straps each time. A wallet is a big decision and I
took a long time to decide!
Mistikat and Pamella - this really helps.

Curious how things evolve - I always thought the azap was too plain - but it is really really growing on me. Although the combined azap is not as appealing to me as the azap long - should check it out - wonder if iphone will fit inside. musing on this. . .

Problem is I am yearning for a kelly wallet to use as a clutch - even though I suspect it will be too big a wallet and too small a clutch - and I do not want to spend 5K on two wallets.

Pamella, I will be sure to double check the bearn with gusset - its another recommendation I take seriously as I try to keep my credit cards limited to two amex and don;t really need the tons of cc slots in the azap! I actually would love the azap long in the bearn measurements. LOL

Thank you!!!
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I recently got the new Dogon Long wallet and it's FABULOUS! It's the dogon design but w/ the bearn design inside. There's plenty of cc slots, then 2 long pockets for bills & receipts. The closure is the dogon closure & the coin purse is on the outside on the back. I find it to be the perfect marriage of the two wallets. I'll never go back to the original combined which I had but got rid of once I found this new one.

I'm currently using my Kelly Long wallet. While I love the look of it & the inside is divine in both design & functionality, I find that it is slightly larger & bulkier than the dogon long wallet. It does function well as a clutch for me when I'm traveling. But if I had to choose just one, I'd go with the dogon long wallet.

Hope this helps!
I bought a Bearn last month, after long deliberation, and love it. The Dogon was too big. The Kelly wallet was too difficult to open easily. I like the Bearn design (I have the original Bearn, without gussets) for its sleekness and practicality. The clasp is easy. I llike to keep my money and main credit cards separate (I keep my credit cards and receipts in a zipped Vision) and the six card slots in the Bearn work for my license and a few other health/membership cards.