Dogon wallets

  1. Does anyone use one of these? They look very cool and I am not a bearn type person. I wondered how practical they are.
  2. I have a Dogon wallet that I purchased to use when I travel overseas (kind of a waste now as I have decided it is too annoying to fly) but I like it. It comes with a removable coin purse that I use every day. The coin purse also has a credit card slot that I keep my ATM card in. I like the Bearn better though, it is more streamlined and takes up less room in your bag. The Dogon makes a nice small clutch bag if you don't want to carry a lot of stuff. I took it with me to run to the grocery store the other day.
  3. I know what you mean about the bearn,I was sure i wanted a dogon wallet as i thought they were a little more modern but i bought a orange bearn and love it to bits it fits sooooo much stuff and is very light .I even pop a lipgloss in it if im just running out for a bit ..........Give it another lokk next time your in hermes:smile:
  4. Love my Dogon...have carried it everyday since I got it (over 6 months ago). Holds tons...keeps it shape...and you can remove the inner portion if you need to carry something smaller.

    The only problem is - it's so perfect for me, I may never need another wallet (and I love shopping for wallets).
  5. Does anyone know how much they cost? I love the shape of it and that you can strap it onto your waist as a small belt bag too.
  6. Mine is Togo leather and I paid $1,365.00 last month at Hermes Atlanta.
  7. I love my Bearns tri-folds, but have also found the compact Dogon wallets to be really great. The larger dogon was just too big for me, but the compact was perfect. Just another option that you might want to check out.