Dogon Wallet Q's!

  1. I'm considering adding to my rainbow of colors with an H wallet :graucho: I've added it to my Christmas wish list (5 months is nothing, right? :p) Right now I have an LV monogram ludlow that the BF bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I like the size, so I'd like to stick to something compact.

    I went to the reference section and saw that the Dogon comes in two smaller sizes, the compact and the purse? As pictured below.

    Does anyone have photos of the interior of these two wallets, or does anyone own either wallet? I'm looking for something that can hold a couple of cards (have a business/CC holder that so far is working wonderfully for holding extra cards), bills and some change.

    Any info would be super helpful. TIA! :nuts:

  2. I cannot see the entire photo.

    I have the larger Dogon wallet (but not the one that has a belt strap through it) in Bordeaux colored Rodeo Leather (deep wine color). I cannot say enough good things about this wallet. It easily fits 4 passports for myself and my family when we travel. There are 6-7 slots for cards plus the little removable change purse that I keep all the club cards (like from grocery stores in) and it is soft as can be. It was soft upon purchase but after carrying it for 9 months, it is super broken in and delicious to the touch while still retaining that wonderful smell. Rodeo leather doesn't scratch easily. I have gotten more compliments on this style wallet than any other style I've ever carried. All in all - I fully recommend it. I truly have no complaints. I put the 2 most used CCs on the outside slots and am good to go.

    While I really like the other styles (AZAP and BEARN), I am very pleased with the minimalist style of the Dogon. The closure is so beautiful while it holds more (passports) than the Bearn could and is beautifully stitched (which of course every Hermes item is).
  3. ^^ Okay mine is the combined Dogon. Not the uber big one with belt strap slots and belt strap and not the compact one. It doesn't have a gusset yet it holds quite a bit. I can weave my day through a day of shopping and stuff all receipt plus a book of stamps in it and it still looks wonderful, not bulging with bulk. I think the closure is so ergomically beautiful too.
  4. wow, thank you so so so so much for this great pic!
    love it. and i never saw it in that other thread before.
    i LOVE the smaller sizes and i never get to see pics of them.
    i am also definitely curious about the 2 smaller sizes.
  5. Thank you, diana! The photos from Ninja Sue are just what I was looking for. It looks as if the Dogon compact wallet will fit my needs. Bills can go in the open compartment, CCs in the slots and change in the zipped compartment. I'm sold :nuts:

    Now, to add to my Christmas list in blue jean or orange togo :graucho:

  6. that pic is FANTASTIC! omg. love it. the blue jean especially is gorgeous! i'm a sucker for contrast stitching!
  7. ^^^i know. doesn't it get the job done! pics, sizes, prices. presto.
  8. I have some great SAs...glad to share...

    here's some more pics


  9. if your SA sent you that, he/she is outstanding!
  10. Ack, I can't see anything! :sad:

  11. Shoot ok...somereason didn't show..this should work..


  12. i am so impressed with this SA!!! i can't get over the pics OR the service.
  13. HH,

    I agree.

    I have had nothing but the best service from this SA. If you ever want great service and are willing to stray from NYC ( I assume that's where you shop)...let me know...