Dogon vs Bearn

  1. Well I'm moving on to wallets now. I like both dogon and bearn style but really don't know how functional either is or the price range for either. Can any of you share what you like and dislike about each one and also what prices I'm looking at for a non exotic leather?

    Right now I'm carrying a rather large zippered Balenciaga wallet that I loved because everything was zipped in and safe but honestly it looks very out of place in my beloved Hermes bag.
  2. I have both of these wallets. I like the Bearn better as a traditional wallet and I use it every day. I have a blue jean epsom that I paid $1,555 in March of this year.

    My Dogon I like to use more as a clutch wallet when I need to carry a little more like small papers, a lipgloss, etc. It comes with a little change purse that you can store bills and coins in. It also has some slots for credit cards. I carry it when I go out at night and don't want a big purse. Mine is togo and it was $1,365 when I bought it in June.
  3. I am a recent Bearn convert. At first I wasn't sure about it because I thought the Dogon style was cuter and fresher than the Bearn. Now that I substituted the Bearn for my old LV compact zip wallet I can't tell you how happy I am with the amazing craftsmanship of the Bearn--with everything in it, it is as light as a feather and fits beautifully in my bag. I remember reading on an old thread that each leather piece is comprised of several more very thin layers of leather. The retail on the bi-fold in chevre with normal gusset is $1,550 pre-tax and comes with either palladium hardware or gold hardware. They also make a tri-fold as well if you have a lot of cards, and I believe both versions also offer the extra-big gusset as an option which ups the price a bit more, but it will give you more room for extra bills, papers, receipts, etc. I'm not sure what the retail is on the Dogon, but I do know that one drawback is that there aren't as many slots in one place depending on the size you get, but they do have that cute pull-out change purse.
  4. I have both and I prefer the Bearn. It is more easy to use and much slimmer...the Dogon I stuffed all sorts of random things into the slots including postage stamps! I am sad to say that I barely use the Dogon since i am loathe to change wallets...something always gets forgotten behind like those coffee stamp cards or something that I use.
  5. Two things I didn't like about the Dogon are the lambskin lining and the fact that it's floppy!
  6. There is only one wallet for me and that's the Bearn!!! It's above all wallets, recently I took the plunge and purchased a Croc Bearn wallet in Miel with gold hardware and I can't stop looking at it. It's so pictre perfect!!
  7. Don't like the extra pouch with the Dogon. I'm sticking with the Bern bi-fold. I feel the trifold is a little to big for me.
  8. Defintely the Bearn for me too - I'm so happy with mine - it holds a lot, but still is nice and thin.
    Esthetically, I don't find the Dogon that appealing... I just don't like how the front of it looks.
  9. The Bearn is my dream wallet!
    Baggs, that must be amazing!
  10. I don't have one but I love the Dogon wallet!!! :love: I would love love love to have one in orange! :graucho:
  11. Very amazing, I will post a picture on the reference thread as soon as I get a chance.
  12. cool...I'd love a croc one!
  13. dianagrace,
    Please post pictures of the inside of the Dogon and Bearn,if it is not too much to ask. I am wondering how many credit card slots there are in each of them. I only have a few credit cards, but I have loads of other membership & discount cards.

    Which is better - the bi-fold Bearn or the tri-fold Bearn? I know there is a marginal price difference between the 2. Price wise, I am not concerned. I am concerned on what is better, in terms of style and functionality.
  14. Mrssparkles:

    I do not have a camera yet. I was going to get one this past weekend but I did not have a chance. I am going to try and get a camera tomorrow. I will then post some pictures. Here is a link to the inside of LaVan's Bearn wallet

    The bi-fold Bearn, the one I have, has space for five credit cards. The Dogon has five slots as well. I have a small Chanel card case that holds my store rewards cards and insurance cards.
  15. Dianagrace, is the blue jean on epsom fairly light in colour or is it quite pronounced with POP, like crochetbella's BJ clemence Evelyne?