Dogon vs. Bearn insides!

  1. So after much use and love out of my Dogon Combined im def. ready fo rmy next H and i would love something more compact. so i have a few ?s..Which interior do you find more organized and practical? also, does anyone have pics of the interior of both the dogon or bearn compact?

  2. no?
  3. I loooove the Bearn, just adore it. It´s perfect!
  4. I have a Bearn and a Dogon and I use the Bearn for daily use as I find it much more organized. Dogon is reserved as an "auxillary wallet" for different occasions when I don't want to take so much stuff (the Bearn is the large). Hope this helps a little....
  5. I love my dogon. And it has the smaller wallet inside!!
  6. okay on the bearn (compact and long) how does it look once it has been "moved into" that is what im most worried about, im just a tad anal..
  7. how do CCs lay when theyre in a bearn?
  8. i think the bearn is the perfect wallet. i have used a bearn for at least 7 years now.............the wallets lie flat. anything that doesnt fit into one of the many pockets doesnt belong in a wallet................
  9. okay thanks.. but ive already looked through all of those threads and i cant seem to find a pic of a wallet that someone is actually using... KWIM?
  10. OK, do these help any? Regular Bearn in Blue Jean Epsom. The credit card slots are all full, there is about $2.00 worth of coins in the coin part and there are 3 insurance cards, two store rewards cards and a few bills in the additional pockets. I am sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I have used this wallet almost everyday for almost two years.
    IMG_0036_edited.JPG IMG_0037.JPG IMG_0035_edited.JPG
  11. thanks dianagrace anyone with the compact?
  12. I use mine...(its pictured in the Box Bearn thread). Its a bifold.

    Do you mean you want to see the insides with all the stuff in it?...

    oh, never mind...mine looks just like dianagraces inside!!!!
  13. yes please! PLEASE! haha did i say please?