Dogon or Bearn wallet

  1. hi there,
    Could someone please tell me the retail prices of these wallets ( i am aware they come in different sizes) and indeed, in your opinion, which of the two is more practical? Does the Bearn hold more credit cards as it looks like it provides space for them whereas the dogon just has slots that you can just put anything in . I tend to have lots of cards and i always carry receipts as well as notes so wanted a wallet that kinda held lots!!!....
    thanks in advance
  2. There are really nice pictures and prices in the reference thread ... it's the small accessories one, I think.
  3. oh wow, thanks for letting me know. i'll hunt around there...
  4. I had the same dilemma. I ended up with a Dogon... the large one. Before the price increase it was $1,375 approximately. I believe the Bearn was about $1,750 at that time.

    The Dogon is quite a large wallet and holds tons. Each credit card slot holds about 3 cards, so all mine fit very well. Also, I love that it never gets "fat" looking even when I have a lot of things in it. I, too, keep receipts and there is plenty of room for all.

    Here are some threads that might help in your decision:
  5. If you have a lot of credit cards, nothing is better than an AZIP.

    I have had both the Dogon and the Bearn and the AZIP blows them all away in terms of functionality. (as far as price I dont remember exactly I would guess 2k)
  6. Rene, sorry to correct you, I just want to make it easier for the OP to find the wallet you talk about in the search function, it is called the AZAP.
  7. I just got a new Dogon GM a few days ago, and I am in love with it! It is much larger than a Bearn, but for me that's fine. Yesterday I actually carried it as a clutch bag while I was running errands, and I got two compliments on it within 3 hours! :tup: I like the practicality of being able to use the smaller pouch separately from the larger wallet, as well.

    To me, the Bearn is dressier and a little more "tailored". I think it's absolutely gorgeous, and I might like to have one at some point in the future, but at the moment the price difference made it easier for me to go with the slightly more casual Dogon (mine is in Togo). The Bearn is definitely a much smaller profile, which would be good if you have small bags, but I tend to usually carry bags on the larger side.

    Hope this helps, in addition to the threads that you have already been pointed towards!
  8. I love my Dogon. It was £680 one year ago and is orange rodeo . A year later and it still smells gorgeous. I have to stop myself sticking my head in and having a good sniff. Not a good luck at the checkout !!.
  9. Darnit. I thought I wanted a Bearn, but now I'm thinking Dogon might be better if you tend toward larger bags ... ???
  10. I rather Dogon, untill now I have 2 pcs: Orange & Blue. Its bcoz my 1st Orange is getting have little bit dirty often to use about more than 1 year.
    Am not kind of the person keen to change the wallet everyday. So its very effective for me to keep the dozen of cards, cash without folded & receipt/ vouchers. Likes Kellie Girl mentioned, Its doesn't " Fat " looking.
    And I also treat it as clutch for dinner.

    So hope u will enjoy it same :drinkup:way.:tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::drinkup::drinkup:
  11. BTW I paid either $1375 or $1395 plus tax for mine. The Dogon PM is smaller and just a tad less expensive, but not much.
  12. Cynthia--is that for the Dogon combined? Would you post pics? TIA!!
  13. I love my Bearn. It forced me to clean things and streamline. I was carrying too many credit cards. Yeah, I know, that's funny! I have a little H zipper bag that I put extra receipts in etc. That way, when I want to carry a smaller bag, all I need is the Bearn which is nice and slim. I have the matching keycase and it is all so pretty! I think everyone has to find their own level and it is just trial and error.
  14. I am definetly a Bearn-wallet lover..:heart:Actually, I have never tried Dogon...Maybe I should buy one someday...

    I have been busy buying Bearn wallets to match with my bags. I am a type of person that I need to match my bag with wallet (leather, color & hardware) I mean I am not going to be fussy about rough H bag with rough vif long as they are in the same color family...but I really do like matching skins though (croc. bag with croc. wallet, ostrich bag with ostrich wallet...etc)