"Dogon" at Land's End


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
I was at Sears today in their Land's End dept - needed to try on some cotton turtlenecks before ordering - not sure of size. While poking around the dept, I spotted a bowl with the cutest little keyrings in them - each has a small Dogon-like wallet on the end - tiny - opens to two small photo areas. It's incredibly cute and I think it was about $20. Colors were also very Hermes-like. I didn't get one as I don't carry any key but my car key and it has the heavy Audi tag on it.

I did get a great quilted jacket - they call the color "Bright Pistachio" but it is very much like Hermes chartreuse. I came home and put it on with wheat-colored jeans, a brown cashmere turtleneck sweater and my Samuel Champlain's Le Canada scarf. With my cocoan Kelly, it looked great for everyday this fall/winter. I would post pictures but I have such lousy lighting where my full-length mirror is, that they always turn out so dark one can't even see.

Now I know we have VERY few Sears/Land's End shoppers on this forum, but for those who might be, if you place your Land's End order at Sears, you get free shipping to your home - worth a trip to the mall. I ordered 3 new cotton turtlenecks - special for $12.50@.

When I throw on an Hermes scarf or shawl, some good shoes, and my Kelly, I look pretty darned good...and all for very little money so I can save and spend more on Hermes!!!