Dognin Paris bags

  1. Has anybody heard of or seen these bags? I was in the airport duty free store the other day and saw these very, very pretty things! I was in a hurry and had to board my plane so I didn't buy any but I swear if I found them in LA I'd get them! I researched a little bit and found that it's by a Parisian designer but I don't think it's easily available yet.

    Does anybody know where these bags can be purchased in the US or in Hong Kong?

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Lol hey,
    Apparently its not only available in Manilla. If you do ever go to Singapore, drop by Ngee Ann City, a shopping mall. Inside a department store, Takashimaya, there's a Dognin counter - i work there. Well umm, all the bags are hand-made of course by the designer himself, Luke Dognin and umm it's still pretty unknown but i love the customized lining too! Christmas is around the corner, go make a quick stop here. ;)
  3. Through a Google blog search, I saw that the "Petite Bricole" blog discusses these, and reports that the store (not the online store) Bess & Loie in Chicago sells these:

    If you can post more pics of these bags, I would be grateful.
  4. Hey,
    I'll try to take pictures of the bags if I can. If anyone wants, i'd be more than willing to ship them over to you. My personal fave is the Le Polochon seen in Sex and the City carried by Kim Catrall. We stock the patent red one (seen on tv) in small medium and large and have the medium one in burgundy i think, pale green and umm patent black. Theres also the others like the Marina, Marceau, Olympia and the Meuille-Feuille.

    Attached pic is Le Polochon* [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. What is this designer's price range?
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    Hi. I just got the red one. It's sooooo cute! My sister says that my Le Polochon is so me.