Dogleash clips...

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  1. Yesterday I ordered the metallic Delphine with PCE. I was so excited but then the SA told me that the metallic version has a dogleash closure as opposed to the zipper on the other designs. Now I'm sort of disappointed and not sure I'm going to keep the bag, will have to see it in real life first. Why, Coach, why? I guess I just don't understand why this particular version would have a dogleash closure while the others have a zipper. I'd much prefer a zipper! My Gigi has a dogleash closure and I find it awkward and difficult to use. Is it just me? Does anyone actually prefer the dogleash closures? I'm a little sad that I won't like this bag now :sad:
  2. That sounds weird for that bag.
  3. ^^Ita. I'm wondering if it's going to slouch weirdly. Gah..finally found a new bag that I love and now this :hrmm:
  4. I'm the opposite. I hate those half zippers and love the dogleash. I rarely unleash it to get my stuff out.
  5. Maybe it's just me but I always feel like my belongings aren't secure if my purse doesn't zip across. I'm not crazy about the half zippers either (although that's about all they seem to have) because once it gets totally unzipped it's hard to rezip it. Have to set it down, fiddle with it, yada yada!
  6. ^^Yes, I'm wondering how secure I will feel with just the clip. I don't know if I'm going to want to keep this now.
  7. I have a Whiskey Delphine, and she has the dogleash. It slouches nicely, and you can choose to leave it undone or not.

    I hope you like your new bag!:tup:
  8. I like the dog leash clips because instead of clipping the dog leash I just clip all my stuff to it. I never worry about losing anything that way.
  9. It's not like you can just unzip, you have to hold on end of the bag for some tension. The only time I appreciate it being able to close the bag completely is when driving in the car; short stops and the bag flies :nuts: I really like dogleash clips. But, I will concede, that it is disappointing when they make some oneway and another an other way :shrugs:

    But delphine is a sharp bag and metallic is :drool:
  10. I have Coach purses with all kinds of closures - dogleash, half zips, regular zippers. It wouldnt effect my decision as to purchasing a bag or not, but if it will bother you, maybe you should rethink the bag. Maybe just try it around the house when you get it and see how it works for you.
  11. Oooh, this is encouraging, ty so much for your thoughts! :okay: I've seen pics of the whiskey Delphine and she looks very nice and slouchy so hopefully the metallic will be ok. I went to a couple boutiques and Macys but no one had any in the metallic so I had to order it sight unseen which always makes me nervous. Wish me luck!!