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  1. LOL this is cute! I just made one for my dog
  2. No for kittys :sad:? I have 4 dogs and 4 cats so hehe, I got them register too :P
  3. Check out too!

    Joni: They have a too!
  4. i did join dogster a while back....i will check out dogspace.
  5. Lol, oh man, that's such a cute idea (I'm not sure I'll be signing my dog up, but it is cute nonetheless).
  6. hahaha this is so silly. facebook has an application for dogs too, called "dogbook"

  7. my little sasha is on here, and i dont even have a facebook! my sister added her :lol:
  8. Oh, how cute! I'll have to add my Boykin, Chewie, to this! :tup: