Doggone, stupid, limited edition stuff!!

  1. Alright, I'm blowing off steam here... just saw an avatar with the CUTEST framed wristlet in perfume print so off to I went to find it! Well, I found it! In a stupid limited edition bag that costs $1600 full of all kinds of other limited edition, exclusive stuff! :hysteric: What the heck!? I'm seriously bumming now!


  2. :confused1: Ergh... I am right there with you?? It's like a gift pack??

    I don't know... I wouldn't want the whole thing, but those sunglasses & the coin purse are definately calling to me!!!

    I hope they are going to sell the sunglasses seperately too!!
  3. Check the post below "the fragrance print is up on the website"....looks like u can get it for $128 in Mokoni so kindly found out for us!
  4. :love: :love: I L.O.V.E this!! How adorable :love: :love:
  5. Awww! Isn't it darling?!? It was LOVE at first sight for me!! :love:
  6. oh shoot, I love this, but it's as much as the cosmetics case! darn. the cosmetics case will be more useful.
  7. I will so get this!
  8. That's a cute wristlet.
  9. Very cute. *sigh*
  10. does anyone have a picture of the limited edition straw basket and it's contents because it is not online anymore
  11. Purse=Heaven, it's still online. Just click on the link above in the first comment. :smile:
  12. Yeah, that link states that the item is not there. I wanted to see it too.
  13. Thanks, but it's not showing up for me at least. =)
  14. ^^ Nope, it's gone already. It may be in another thread. I didn't save the whole thing. I didn't realize it would be gone so quickly. Wow.