doggie shampoo?

  1. What do you use to bathe your pooch?
    I've tried a few different brands, I'm wanting one that has a log lasting fragrance, but is healthy for the dogs skin, and makes the hair shine and leaves it very soft, any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.:p
  2. I love this brand...I think it is called "Plush Puppy"???

    It is what alot of showdog handlers use :smile:
  3. I haven't tried it yet, but am planning on ordering some Cindra shampoo (and grooming products). A lady who has show dogs with extra thick long coats swear by it and says it one of the best. She's also an extreme advocate on the natural & organic approach to raising dogs and she approves of the shampoo.
  4. Lambert Kay Oatmeal and Baking soda. Smells yummy and it's very good for their skin and coats.
  5. ^^
    Sooooo Cute!!!
  6. I love DVM products, I used to buy them at the vet's office until I found entirelypetstore, they operate a store which you can google and they are on eBay too.
    When I adopted my dog from the shelter his skin was in really bag shape and Westies are prone to alergies. Anyhow the vet told me he had a yeast infection on his skin and recommend bathing with 'Malaseb' every 3 days for 2 weeks and drying him off with a hair dryer. It worked like a dream and now I only buy DVM products, they have a whole range. I purchase them from the above mentioned seller as they are way cheaper than my vet and I buy in bulk as it's flat rate shipping!
    My dog never scratches now and his coat is really amazing, in fact I am often approached by other Westie owners asking what it is that I use.
  7. For anyone wishing to use dry shampoo (ie no water required) for their dogs, here's something by shallakar (she specialises in using herbs and natural products):

    Then there's showertreatsoaps' all natural liquid soap dog shampoo - vegan:

    On the subject of bath products for dogs, wwizebody makes anti flea dog soap with hempseed oil and brewers yeast:

    Good feedback received:
  8. I have to use a special shampoo for my dog because she has allergies. It is Animal Pharmaceuticals, Aloe and Oatlmeal. I've had the groomer compliment me before on how she smells after a bath with it but I don't know about shine. Seems to soothe her skin though.
  9. I use baby soap.... Johnson & Johnson body wash. Very pleasant scent, leaves the coat very soft.
  10. Thanks everyone!! You guys are the best:heart: