Doggie Seizure

  1. My little baby Oliver, a 2 1/2 yr old Maltese, had a seizure last night! I was terrified! We took him to the animal emergency center and they ran tests and kept him overnight. I picked him up this morning and our bill was about $600! I had to them take him to our own vet and he's still there, as they want to observe him for a longer period of time. He hasn't had a seizure since, but I'm so scared he may have one again while we're not home! Has this happened to anyone else, or does anyone have any advice? Thanks....:sad:
  2. My teacup poodle I had while growing up suffered from seizures. Most of the time they can be very mild and our vet suggested half an asprin to help calm him.

    Since he's 2.5 and has not presented with seizures before I think you can take this as an uncommon occurance.
    You're doing the right thing and even though seizures can be upsetting, dogs often handle them very well. Hope you hear positive things from your vet!
  3. My BF's dog has seizures. Keep an eye on what you feed him. His dog had an allergy to carrots and they caused the seizures. So no more carrots=no more seizures.

    Your poor dog! I hope the vet is able to give you an answer as to what caused them.
  4. USCgerl- My dog had the same problem about three years ago. I had him over at my parents and he went into a seizure. On the way to the emregency vet, he started to seize again. He also spent the night and was released the next day. A couple of months later, he did it again while my husband and I were out walking him. Once again we took him to the emergency vet and then followed up with our regular vet.

    Our regular vet stressed that we do not need to run to the emergency vet everytime he had a seizure. She prescribed valiumn for him.

    I inquired as to what caused the seizure. Sometimes they are hereditary, sometimes other things bring it on. I finally concluded that heat was the cause of my dog's seizure and since his last one I have been very careful not to let him run in the heat.

    Just know that your dog can and will live a perfectly normal life with the seizures. If they happen frequently, they will need to be on medicine, which may or may not affect their liver.

    Please make sure you never leave your dog alone around a swimming pool or a lake.

    I wish your dog a speedy recovery. More than likely, everything will be okay.
  5. My chihuahua gets seizures too. The first time she got one we were taking a walk and it scared the daylights out of me (she was also about 2 1/2 years old when she had her first). Took her to the vet, but they couldn't find anything. It's been several years since her first and it seems like they come in waves. She'll have multiple seizures over a period of two or three days and then be fine for 6 months before having another. We don't give her any medications but try to keep her calm and relaxed until the seizure passes. She also doesn't drink very much on her own so we try to make sure she stays hydrated, especially when the weather gets warm. Other than this she has been very healthy and leads a happy life complete with long walks and plenty of play time.

    I hope everything is okay with your dog!
  6. I thought one of my dogs might have had one about a month ago, but I wasn't sure if it was that or she was shaking because of a cramped leg (although she was foaming and it seemed seizure-like to me). My vet said to just watch her. He didn't seem that alarmed. It hasn't happened again, as far as I know. My friends dog used to seizure. He was eventually put on an anti-seizure medication, which controlled them.
  7. My brother beagle gets sezuires....constantly so they he is put on sezuire medication and has since had a seziure...THey did some major testing on him and figured something like his electrolytes would go outta balance causing a chain reaction in the body... which led him to have seizures...Now hes all good and being all beagaley as usual!
  8. My dog had them shortly after we got him...we got him in May and he started having them around jan. He had a couple that day and my parents took him to the vet, and, as crazy as the 600$ bill is, my parents paid over 1,000 to medicate and have out dog observed. He ended up having them every couple of months and at one point, had 15 in a 24 hour time span. He always had Grand Maul seizures, never small ones, and his were genetic. We ended up putting him to sleep after he had 23 some on seizures in a day and medications weren't working for him anymore (after the 15 that one time, we kept him medicated as instructed by our vet, which caused him to gain a lot of weight). But, most of the poeple I've talked to that their dogs had seizures were food/heat triggered. My dog's was just a bad secenario, he didn't make it to 2 years old, but, nothing was working for him anymore :sad: This was a couple of years ago though...anyways, I hope for the best for your dog, I bet its food triggered :smile: That seems to cause the most problems for dogs for some reason.
  9. USCgerl, I'm sorry to hear the bad news. My dogs don't have seizures but sometimes they will have the shakes. My vet says that it's caused by heat and that it's common for it to happen. I usually just keep a close eye on him just to make sure that he's drinking plenty of water so that he doesn't get dehydrated, and eats something that is easy on his stomach. Just keep a careful eye on Oliver for the next couple of days until your comfortable with leaving him alone. I hope Oliver feels better soon!
  10. I have 2 Maltese myself, and one of them has seizures occasionally. Nothing violent, just sporadic periods where he statrs shaking and can barely walk. I just hold him and try to comfort him until he feels better- which he does after a couple of minutes. Then he's fine, back up and fighting with his brother. (who is in the second pic)
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  11. Dogs can develop epilepsy and other seizure disorders just like humans. They can be controlled with meds, like tegretol.
    If it makes you feel any better, my little 16 year old doxie had to go to the vet Tuesday night for a neck problem that turned out to be pretty serious, bad disc compression. He was there for 3 days and I just brought him home. The bill was $2,380.
  12. My Pom, Maggie, began having seizures when she was just a pup. She takes Phenobarbital - 15mg. I cut the pill in half and give her half in the morning and half in the evening. She is doing fine now.
  13. My Pom, Maggie, began having seizures when she was just a pup. She takes Phenobarbital - 15mg. I cut the pill in half and give her half in the morning and half in the evening. She is doing fine now.
  14. Sorry to hear about Oliver, wishing him a speedy recovery!
  15. Oh no! I don't have any advice, but best wishes.