Doggie Personals

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  1. There's a great jewelry seller on Etsy who has a section on "Puppy Love" to raise funds for her dog's treatment. One item offered is "doggie personals" with a custom option. Please check it out - the charm would make an excellent gift (either for your dog or for someone you know who has a dog). Kathryn's work is simply superb, as you can see from the feedback.


    $15 plus shipping

    "If you dog could write a personal add, what would it say?

    Lucky for your pet, I have a variety of phrases to help him or her get their message out!

    These charms fasten to your dogs collar with a lobster style clasp. The charm is made from nickle silver and is hand stamped with one of these phrases:

    1. Easy going type, enjoys traveling & meeting new faces
    2. Enjoys good belly rubs and leisurely strolls in the park
    3. Seeking human for taking long walks and dining out
    4. Custom, you pick the phrase and I'll make it for you :smile: Remember, phrase needs to be fairly short to fit on the tag.

    Charms are 2" in overall height.

    Price is for ONE charm, be sure to let me know which one you are buying.

    Show your puppy some love, I'm sure they will give a couple tail wags and sloppy kisses in return :smile:"


    Thanks! :smile:
  2. cute!!!!
  3. that is so cute.
  4. That's very creative. I may order one for the Westie.
  5. how cute!!
  6. Another item in the "Puppy Love" section:

    Love Me, Love My Dog locket necklace


    This style is a "locket". The words are hidden inside of two domed discs. There is also a small paw print hanging on the inside of the locket. Shadows of the words can be seen on the outside of the discs. These shadows give the outside a little more light play and also hint towards the secret inside. One side of the locket reads, "Love me," and the other side reads, "Love my dog".

    The chain is 16" in length and fastens with a lobster clasp. The pendant hangs about 3/4" from the chain.

    All of the metal is sterling silver. I added a patina to help the letters and paw print stand out from the silver background.


    And here's a pic of Kathryn's dog (I think) for whom Kathryn is raising funds:

  7. She is saved in my Favorites. I love her things. so simple but very original.
  8. Adriane, I think she is, indeed, a jewelry artist. Like so many on Etsy.