Doggie Nursing Home

  1. :nogood: I couldn't send my mouldy old dogs there.
  2. I couldn't send mine either. If you had them till they were old it would be so hard to part with them so they could be in a nursing home :confused1::crybaby:
  3. No way. My home is their forever home. They are in my heart until they draw their last breath and I would never ever consider putting them somewhere else. Ever.
  4. $800 a month :wtf: That's just sad. A drastic change of environment like that can't be good for any dog, let alone an elderly one.
  5. so many people put their dogs down when their elderly..i meet them almost everyday..the dog is playing & happy and the owner will be like"oh she's old, i'm going to put her down next week"!!!!!

    i was thinking at first, when i saw this post, well maybe they could send them somewhere like this nursing home instead but i doubt that type of person would pay $800 a month anyway

    its just so wrong
  6. I can't think of any scenario that would send our now 15 yr. old dog to one. I guess if the people are old themselves, or somehow unable to take care of themselves, much less a dog, then that would be a possible reason for this.

    OH! Our Norwegian Elkhound, who is my heart dog, celebrated that 15th bd yesterday. I'll have to post a link in another thread to it on youtube, that was captured by my son.

  7. And then you get the people at the other end of the scale that keep their poor old darling going when they are in pain/not eating/can't get around anymore etc. all in the name of "love". :sad:

    $800pm sounds like a heck of a lot of money but cost aside, my dogs would be miserable there, they would want to be home with me.
  8. My doggie is not very old, but I could not imagine putting him in a nursing home when he got older. I would miss him way too much and know he would not get the same love and care that he gets in our home.
  9. I'd like to present an alternative view - - -

    I used to live in San Francisco. I lost many dear friends to AIDS.

    SF pet lovers created a wonderful organization. This org found AIDS patients with pets. The AIDS pts would soon no longer be physically able to care for their beloved companions.

    The org created a specialized adoption agency. The pets were adopted by people who gave them a loving permanent home. But the adoptees were required to take the pet for weekly visits to the dying AIDS parent for visits until hospitalization.

    Pets were loved by old owners and new.

    There are many ways to create a loving home for a pet.
  10. That made me tear up, that is remarkable.

  11. I agree this is a wonderful alternative -

    I adopted my little old coot when he was 10 He's 16 now. The no-kill shelter where I got him almost didn't take him in because they thought he was too old to find a home for!!!