Doggie Day Care?

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  1. Glad your dog did so well & you are happy! It sounds like you found a nice place to take her where they keep an eye out for her & she happily made herself right at home. What a wonderful first day :tup:

    No one at our doggie day care believes how brave our dog behaves when he's with us (total Napoleonic complex) as he is so very shy when he's with them. I'm just happy they know his temperament, take into account his size & don't force him into situations where he is uncomfortable.
  2. Yes, I like the place. Her report card announced that there was a valentines day party next week and we have to make valentines for all of the other puppies.

    I went and got "treat bags" and valentines from target... i'm going to put dog biscuits in them. :smile:
  3. 1) I like having my two Poms at doggy daycare, although I shopped around for a good one. There's the PetSmart version and there's the privately-owned and run version. We like the mom-and-pop doggy daycares and the one we go to has two locations. The big and small dogs are separated with a medium room available IF there's a lot of medium dogs that day. Hyper small dogs, like Jack Russells, get relegated to the big dog rooms. On the flip side, old, senior dogs that are extremely mellow and sleepy get to go in the small dog room.

    My older Pom thinks she's actually a human so she hangs out on the side watching the action. I know she's not upset or anything, because her tail's up and she runs up the ramp to the entrance of the day care. My little Pom plays, somewhat, with the other dogs but the staff adore him and they'll often pull him out of the dog room to hang out in the front office with a couple other small dogs, such as the owner's Pom. I don't mind because he loves cuddles and attention.

    My older dog refuses to drink out of the communal dog dish (again, she thinks she's human) so I always remind them to pull her out for water breaks. The majority of the staff already recognize her (although we're not there often) and they know what to do. If she doesn't drink, they'll even flavor the water. Once, a staff person took leftover tuna water from her lunch to flavor the water. I thought that was nice.

    They have the webcams (about 7, 2/room) on from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. so I know what's going on. I always call around midday to see if my puppy is acting up and to see if my older dog has had a water break.

    We only take them when we need them out of our apartment, like if they're changing a/c filters or something. That being said, after our first visit with each dog, the staff recognizes them and remembers personal information about them, like quirks and idiosyncrasies.

    2) Most people go Tuesdays and Thursdays at this daycare. Like I said, I'm not on a regular schedule but they've told me most people go those days. It makes sense. Your dog is tired already on Mondays from the weekend, so if you go Tuesday, then your dog will be tired for Wednesday, etc. etc. They don't recommend that your dog goes every day and even the boarders are not scheduled daycare every day because dogs like to have some personal time without all the other dogs too.

    3) Ours is $36 for a full day, $27 (or something like that) for a half-day (4-hours or less). Or $10/hour. I did that initially when I was trying it out so I would go to the gym and pick my older dog up in an hour. I think PetSmart is less. We also get a 10% multiple dog discount. They offer a 5-, 10-, and 15-pass system to save a couple bucks. They also have coupons in the local ads, although I never seem to find one when I need it.

    4) They're always tired, always, at the end of a full-day, which is more than 9 hours because I go to work for 9 hours/day. They're not like passed out tired, but they're extremely mellow and somewhat mellow the next day too. That's probably because on a normal day, they're asleep the full 9 hours and at daycare, they never nap. Some dogs nap but mine won't.

    5) We ended up with a second dog so my first dog wouldn't get lonely. They're trained to go on pads (they're pretty small dogs, afterall) so we don't run home for potty breaks. That being said, they don't often soil them because I think they really do sleep all day.

    My advice is to go with your gut and think about how much space they have. The small dog room at my place is huge (probably bigger than my apartment, or close) and it's colorful (not that dogs necessarily care, I guess) with play equipment and even a one-way window/glass so you can see them while you're waiting. The webcams are a nice touch and my whole office loves to watch over my shoulder when I have it up. They always recognize my dogs and can report on their day, not just a generic "Oh, s/he had fun. Ran around." When I toured the facility, I knew that this was the perfect fit and they love my dogs, especially my little one. My older one will absolutely not step foot into any place she hates (groomers, vet, etc.) but she happily walks up the steps here.

  4. OMG. That's so cute. I wish my daycare did that.

    I don't have kids so they're definitely my furkids.
  5. I feel I can finally contribute to this thread as Enzo has also had his first day at doggie daycare. I choose Camp Bow Wow. Enzo arrived and went through a 3 hour evaluation to be admitted into the facility. First I had to fill out a four page questionnaire about his health and behavior issues, as well as have my vet fax his medical history/vaccination records. After that a staff member asked me a ton more questions while a vet on staff looked over his records and gave him an exam. I then took a tour around the facility while Enzo was getting to know the staff. After all that Enzo was taken into play with the group that they thought was most appropriate for his size and temperament. I was instructed to leave so they could observe Enzo when he knew I was not around. I stood in the lobby area watching on the tv. One of the staff members took Enzo into the play area and stayed with him for awhile (there is always someone with the dogs in each play area.) Enzo relaxed and started playing with the other dogs. I went to class and watched him from my computer. When I went to pick him up a few hours later he was still playing and seemed to be having a great time. They brought him to the front and he was jumping up to greet me! They gave me a full report, took a picture of him and printed it out on a certificate the said, “Enzo’s first day at Camp Bow Wow.” Also a free turkey neck (he eats a raw diet), a Camp Bow Wow nylon collar, a Camp Bow Wow backpack to bring his food, leash and toys and a discount on grooming services for two months. They told me they asked him to sit while he was playing and he did, but they didn’t give him a treat because they respected that Enzo eats a grain free diet. I even asked them to email the pic to me and they said no problem. I am very happy with the facility and the staff. Enzo seemed happy and tired. I bought a package of 5 ½ days (up to 6hrs each day) for $50 or $10 a day. I will see how much he likes it before I invest in more days. Here is the pick they took of him at camp.
  6. Well, Toby hasn't been back to daycare in a few months. I'll put my suggestions in bold. He is a very big player and even though he's a french bull dog and little they had him in with the big dogs (because he thinks he's much bigger than he actually is). That was fine. He was sooo tired when he got back though...almost too tired. So if it were up to me and I had no one to watch my dog I would probably have a day care/dog walker every other day. Day care every day can be a lot for some dogs.
    One day Toby developed a "cherry eye" and this has happened one other time since then which means basically something pops from his eye. I walked in and started crying. They didn't even call me. So I would make sure that in the event something "strange" occurs, they call you right away. It wasn't a big deal to them but Toby is my baby and I want to know about what's happening. I was pretty PO'd that they didn't call me and told them so. It's a great facility otherwise but the cherry eye only seems to occur when he gets overstimulated (too much tug of war, etc).
  7. Just wanted to give an update that she LOVES her doggie daycare... it tires her out and helps socialize her... Plus, they really seem to love her, too (she's adorable, who wouldn't love her?

    Joy, where do you go that it's only $10/day? That's incredible... ours is $25ish a day... I thought that was good. :smile:
  8. My dog goes once a week from 9am - 5pm, it's £5. She's always very tired when she gets home.
  9. Here in my area of NYC, it is anywhere from $50 to $75 a day depending on the size of your dog. What most people here do who work long hours either just leave the dog alone or, hire a dog walker who will come in once a day and take the pooch out for a half hour or an hour walk. Dog walkers tend to charge about $15 for a half hour walk and $20 or $25 for a full hour, much more affordable.