Doggie Day Care?

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  1. Ok, so it's a rough day for me.

    Tomorrow marks the start of a trial run at doggie day care for my baby (look left). I'm nervous and excited at the same time. My DH and I work from 6am until 6pm some days (not all of them!), so we really just can't leave her at home for that long. She's fine, but I think she needs to be socialized better and I think she deserves better! So... we found a daycare that looks great. I have a friend (another terrier!) who goes there (ok, I'm friends with the owner, the dogs are friends, you know what I mean). So I'm pretty sure it's a good place. It's a bit pricey, but my baby is worth it.

    So here's some questions:

    (1) What are your experiences with doggie day care?

    (2) How many days a week do you go or would you recommend?

    (3) How much do you pay per day?

    (4) What kind of an impact does it have on your fur-baby? I bet she's gonna be exhausted the first day!

    (5) If you don't do puppy daycare, what do you do with your baby when you have to be out all day? We' both work 30 minutes away so coming home on lunch isn't an option. (I'm a teacher, so I can't leave anyway!)

    We're starting her tomorrow and we'll see how it goes! Any advice you have is helpful. Thanks in advance. :heart:
  2. i've never tried doggie day care, but i definitely am thinking about it for our dog every once and awhile so he can be around other dogs and we can leave the house without worrying about him, so i hope everything goes smoothly for you and your dog!

    i saw an advertisement in our local paper that charges according to the size of your dog (i think they mentioned it being somewhere around $20) and they do not put the dogs in cages. the dogs are free to play all day while being supervised. it sounded really great so i'm anxious to hear how your dog takes to doggie daycare!
  3. I had my male Basset Hound in it three days a week while I was in college. It was $25 a day, from whenever you dropped them off (I usually did around 7:30am) until 5 or 6pm.

    It worked like a normal toddler daycare - they had hours and hours of playtime, indoor and outdoor, depending on the weather, and they had an hour break where they ate lunch in crates alone and were able to sleep a little if they wanted.

    I miss it SO MUCH! The place was so clean, and it was packed. All animals had a tryout period to see if they'd be ok, and they had something like 120 dogs come every week. There were four different places that they separated the dogs by size and/or attitude. My small Basset went into the large dog group because he thinks he's a linebacker.

    And it's GREAT to tire them out!!!
  4. ^^ ETA -- I had a job just to pay for his daycare!
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    Generally, I think doggy day care is a wonderful idea. Doggies get to socialize, exercise, play, and when they come home, they will be tired so they will have a wonderful/restful sleep..haha..I think socialization is essential for dogs so they definitely get that benefit at the day care facility.

    I had a 1 time experience w/ doggie day care. The facility I chose was really good..they even had an indoor swimming pool for doggies too. The only reason I took my baby out of that day care was because that day care accepted all dog breeds, of all sizes, and did not separate them, so long as the dog's temperament was deemed to be "friendly/non confrontational" toward smaller dogs. The problem is that my baby is a very small 4lb Maltese and at the day care, there were really big (100 lbs and up) dogs there as well. That facility did not separate dogs by size, which I had hoped they would. Although she was not injured but I honestly did not feel comfortable anymore. I didn't want to take the chance/risk. I am now in search of a doggy day care that caters to toy breeds.

    The cost of mine was 40 dollar for the entire day (8am to 7pm). My friends who have bigger dogs bring their dogs about 3 times a week. They all had very good experience w/ day care and their dogs all seem to thrive in it. So, I think the impact is a good one.

    Just make sure that your baby is updated on all the shots, vaccines and is spayed/neutered (you dont want accidents at the day care). Although, I think most day care places require updated vaccines and spay/neuter anyways. Just a reminder.

    i think your bay will have a wonderful time..and you are a great mommy!!
  6. I've taken my boys to the PetSmart doggie day camp, my boys love it there. The staff does a temperment assessment, you will need to bring a copy of vaccinations (PS requires kennel cough every 6 mo.), dogs are seperated by size, there is all ways a staff member in the play room to monitor/play/cuddle the dogs, can drop off as early as 7 AM pick up until 9 PM. The dogs are taken into the "relief" room throughout the day, and get an hour lunch/nap time. Actual day camp ends at 4 PM, then are put into a kennel where they usually just end up sleeping. The hotel facility is kept very clean, which is more than I can say for the actual store. I bring their own food for their lunch time, and a blanket to nap on, the cost is about $20 per dog. My dogs come home exhausted, but very happy.

    The only con I have is that the actual playroom is small with no outdoor area.

    I try to arrange my boys to go when their dog park friends go, otherwise I don't go very often because its quite pricey with two dogs.
  7. I considered it for my dog, when he started to get a doggy depression. He just sat on the couch all day and only got excited for walks (to see other dogs). But my new baby Lola changed all that.
    I was mainly concerned with things like kennel cough, somebody can correct me if im wrong. My vets own dog caught it in a kennel so im assuming its not 110% affective. Also if the dogs get in a fight, what happens? the supervisors most likely would not step in (Occupational Health and Safety) also when dogs get in a pack situation things get out of hand very quickly.
    A friend puts his Lab in daycare (I would too as they are very hardy dogs), however I would never put my 3lb baby in day care.
  8. We send our dog to daycare & I think we all feel better when he's there versus being at home too long by himself.

    1) He enjoys himself while he is there - we get progress reports on his eating, sleeping, pooping, exercise & social habits. They know him so well now that they know his temperament & whom he will or won't get along with. He's a little sad (not too bad) when we drop him off & happy when we pick him up. We know he doesn't mind being there as he always goes back to give them a kiss (something he never does unless he really likes someone).

    2) He usually goes in 2-3 times a week. He's with me full time when he is not there or alone for short spurts (3 hours). I would recommend taking your dog there 5 days a week if your work hours are so long. Your dog will get the attention she deserves & you'll get the peace of mind you deserve.

    3) We pay a little over $20 a day

    4) He seems fine/great when we pick him up. He gets hyper to see us then settles down.

    5) We thought about hiring a dog walker, but we're not entirely comfortable giving our house keys & alarm code to someone whom we wouldn't see often. More importantly, we would worry about our dog - will he be treated well, will he get along with the walker, can the walker handle our dog if something happens with another dog, what happens when the dog walker gets sick, what if the dog walker disappears, etc. We also thought about letting our dog stay with our in-laws or friends. That idea was nixed rapidly. We prefer to have our dog in the hands of professionals. The peace of mind is worth every penny. I don't want to burden our friends or create any friction if anything should happen to our dog. We want our dog to remain happy, healthy & safe. The same goes for our relationships ;)

    Make sure your dog is up-to-date with her vaccinations & medications including flea treatment (like Frontline) & heartworm treatment (like Heartgard). I would recommend getting a bordatella vaccination every 6 months to prevent kennel cough (it takes 72 hours after the treatment to be fully effective).

    Send your dog to daycare with a toy she associates with home & a comfy bed from home. If the bed is new, rub it on yourself & your husband - your scents will calm your dog down. Don't make a big deal of saying "bye" to your dog. Be casual so she won't freak out. Ask questions when you pick her up - socialization, sleeping, temperament, eating, etc. Give it a little time for her (& you!) to adjust. Hope all goes well. Good luck :smile:
  9. My girl went from about 4 months old (once a week). She was in the kindy section with another small pup. She went for half days at first (I would drop her home during my lunch break) and then full days after 6 months. She was exhausted from some of the other energetic puppies but I always found the staff were good with them. Just make sure your little one is placed in a room with dogs of a similar nature and size. You don't want them getting bullied - but I'm sure the staff watch that anyway. It cost me 30 for a half day, 50 for a full day.

  10. The bordatella vaccine does not cover all strains of kennel cough, so there is a slight chance that they can contract it. If you were to consider a day care, make sure that there is a person in the room at all times to break up any altercations. I personally would not go to a day care where they do not seperate dogs by size.
  11. My dog caught kennel cough at a kennel as well. It was AWFUL! He was so sick. But he had been vaccinnated against it - but the shot is like the flu shot. It might work, might not. I wouldn't even give mine the shot but we board a lot.
  12. ITA. I have large, active, working dogs and when they play with other dogs, they REALLY play. My mother has two little dogs (a Pom and a toy Poodle), and even though they have been raised around my dogs, I do not let them play together unless they are totally supervised. It is just too easy for a larger dog to jump on a little one and injure them!!
  13. You can make a request at daycare for your dog to not be put in with other dogs en masse. Our dog usually plays with a carefully selected buddy his size or a single human. He doesn't do well with a load of other dogs without me or my husband there. He gets very shy & a bit freaked out. On the other hand, he does well with one dog he already knows or with a person. He doesn't come back to us exhausted after daycare as he has playtime & downtime.

    Just discuss your dog & his temperament with the people at daycare - they want to make the experience a good one for you & your dog.
  14. My thoughts exactly!!! That was why I took my Mia out of her daycare b/c they did not separate by size..only by "temperament." But my Mia was only 4lbs..and I know how she plays..shes fragile! lol...couldnt take the chance.. Good thing you also think the same about the separation I dont feel crazy! haha
  15. Ok... we're back from her first day! So here's the report from doggie day care:

    She seemed to like it. She's TIRED now. They said that for a first day dog, she was VERY brave, drinking out of the main water bowl, playing around, etc. I guess she got a little bossy with some of the younger dogs... even a GREAT DANE puppy (still, kenya is smaller!)... the girl said that she had the three puppies lined up at one point! But she was definitely excited to see me. Now she's just sleeping on the couch... I think it's making her more calm!

    We're going to keep her at one day a week for now and see how it goes. I don't want to overwhelm her.

    Thanks for all your advice! Anything else people want to add is great, too! :smile: