Doggie coats

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  1. Where is a good place to get them? I want something cute yet warm for my furbabies. Any suggestions? They are both under 10 lbs. If you have pics of stylish doggie coats, please post them. Thanks.
  2. I have tons of stuff for my two chis... has the best selection!!! LOL pages and pages!! Good luck!!
  3. No ideas for you, but I'd love to see pictures when you get your dogs dressed up in their winter finery!
  4. Cute sites. Thanks. I will look them over tonight.
  5. I just got my dog the cutest little coat (suede exterior, sherpa interior, cord trimming) from GEORGE sf.

  6. ^OMG sooo cute!!

    Danica--I forgot about GW Little!! I LOVE their site and their catalogs are so cute!!!
  7. This is a cutie

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  8. petco, petsmart, juicy, and coach.
  9. and burberry, and sometimes gucci
  10. I know!! haha I'm in love with their "Little Love" collection right now, the harness with the wings, the ruffled dress... and what about the holiday "Swarovski spectacular" dress!! It's so pretty. :nuts:
  11. So cute!!!! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Petsmart has some really cute ones. I have 2 yorkies and a
    Boston Terrier and I dress them all the same. I have chanel, and burberry collars and leshes for all. We used to have LV but my stupid husband left the dog bag on a chair in the airport. They are way too expensive now for 3 dogs.
  13. Those are all so cute--love the denim on the Pug! A few years ago, I found a fleece coat with velcro straps for our boxer, but she was so big, I had to sew extra length on. What we do for our pets!!