Doggie coats


Jul 27, 2006
Where is a good place to get them? I want something cute yet warm for my furbabies. Any suggestions? They are both under 10 lbs. If you have pics of stylish doggie coats, please post them. Thanks.
I just got my dog the cutest little coat (suede exterior, sherpa interior, cord trimming) from GEORGE sf.

^OMG sooo cute!!

Danica--I forgot about GW Little!! I LOVE their site and their catalogs are so cute!!!

I know!! haha I'm in love with their "Little Love" collection right now, the harness with the wings, the ruffled dress... and what about the holiday "Swarovski spectacular" dress!! It's so pretty. :nuts:
Petsmart has some really cute ones. I have 2 yorkies and a
Boston Terrier and I dress them all the same. I have chanel, and burberry collars and leshes for all. We used to have LV but my stupid husband left the dog bag on a chair in the airport. They are way too expensive now for 3 dogs.
Those are all so cute--love the denim on the Pug! A few years ago, I found a fleece coat with velcro straps for our boxer, but she was so big, I had to sew extra length on. What we do for our pets!!