Doggie Bibles???

  1. As dog owners, what's your MUST HAVE book on dogs?

    Thank you in advance!!!
  2. Puppies for Dummies and Cesar Milan's training book whose title fails me right now. I actually got more from watching Dog Whisperer than any other book. Good luck! Yoko is such a cutie!
  3. Absolutely Must Have:

    The Culture Clash
    by Jean Donaldson. If you only buy one dog book in your life, let this be the one.

    Also highly recommended:
    The Other End of the Leash
    by Patricia McDonnell

    Don't Shoot the Dog
    by Karen Pryor
  4. For me (I have 2 labs) my "dog-bible" was Cesar Milan's Dog Whisperer on NGC.

    I swear I learned more useful tips from that TV show then from any book - and - my dogs like to watch it too. :p
  5. Agree with hello2703. I have all three books and they are excellent. Although I admit that it was invaluable having a one-on-one session with a dog trainer (make sure you check their credentials and that they have a teaching method you agree with).
  6. Thanks!
    We have some puppy "training" classes beginning on the 20th with an excellent local trainer.

    I'll be looking into the books ASAP!!
  7. Pat Miller's books are based on positive reinforcement and I found the step-by-step training exercises simple to follow and very effective. Gwen Bailey is also another good author for first-time dog owers (e.g. yours truly). I trained my dog on my own from these books and others, and my dog is so well-behaved that no one believes that I have never owned or looked after *any* pets before.