dogeared dog charms

Mar 27, 2009
so i have some sad news. though many of you may have not known, i had a lovely little chihuahua in my life for 8 years (she was my boyfriend's at first, then "adopted" me) and we had to put her to sleep on Thanksgiving. she lived a good long life, we put her to sleep at the ripe old age of 18, so there are no regrets to our decision, she had a condition that would not have been able to be cured.
i would like to get a tiny necklace to remind me of her, and i saw these two on dogeared:,-gold-dipped/MRGG100409199.html

i decided not to get something not too specific, such as a chihuahua charm or her name... i wanted something a bit more symbolic... though i am planning on doing something special for my boyfriend for Christmas that will incorporate a much more personal touch.
what are your thoughts on these?
thanks in advance.


Mar 30, 2013
I am very sorry about the loss of your dog :sad:
The first link doesn't work for me but the second pendant is very sweet. Alex woo also does a paw print necklace if I am remembering correctly. I hope you find something wonderful to commemorate her!
Mar 27, 2009
i found the perfect thing to represent my dog maggie. i also found something to represent my other dog thunder that passed 6 years ago. i had been searching for years for a tasteful way to represent him, and with the passing of maggie i realized that the time is now.
as soon as i receive it i will post a reveal.