Dog wear

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  1. Does anyone have photos of their pooches in Mulberry dog wear? Would love to see them :biggrin: am very tempted to buy a coat for my puggle!
  2. Like the thread - can't wait to see some poochy reveals!!....:biggrin:
  3. Haha, great thread....:doggie::doggie::doggie::doggie::doggie:
  4. No Mulberry,but she would like to be a Mulberry model and is training every day :biggrin:
  5. I don't rate the dog clothes... But it would be awesome if they did collars, leads and tags... :smile:
  6. Superb idea, I would buy them all! :biggrin:
  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cute :biggrin:
  8. Ahh desperately tried to let DH get a hoody for my spaniel at Cheshire oaks and got the filthiest look!!
  9. Ohhhhhhhhhh I'd love a proper leather set for my chihuahua!
  10. Any suggestions for Alfie's Xmas present?

  11. Oh he is stunning! Looks just like my dog's dad, who is also called Alfie coincidentally!
  12. Yes, Bella would love a Mulberry collar and lead set!
  13. Oh I'm in love! What a beautiful dog. So cute!
  14. OK Mulberry, are you reading this? (and I'm sure that someone from Mulberry does!)

    My dog-loving friends would like you to develop a range of dog leads and collars. It can't be that difficult can it? - have to admit to knowing nothing about such things, but to me if you can make a bag strap then you can make a dog lead.

    I'm sure that there must be a big customer base for dog accessories. And people wouldn't just buy one - how cool would it be to match your dog's accessories to your own?. Starting with just oak, chocolate and black dog leads would be great..... but then you could expand into seasonal colours...... and even produce the ultimate dog lead and collar in ostrich with Union Jack tag....

    C'mon Mulberry, you're missing a trick here!