Dog Walking "Business?"

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm thinking of starting a dog-walking business when I move to Chicago to help pay the bills because I assume that my two financially-rewardless, thankless liberal arts degrees are not going to get me the big dollars. God willing, I'll have one of those "prestigious" jobs that pay pennies.

    Also, I looooove dogs and I think this would be so fun! :nuts: I've thought it through quite a bit, but I wanted to see if any of you ladies actually use a dog-walking service and how yours operates (do you drop the dog off? do they come pick it up?) and what it charges! We don't really have any in our town because everyone in the suburbs walks their own dogs.

    I figure just making like $50 a week is worth it. That'll cover my electricity!

    Thanks, guys!!
  2. If my husband would let me hire a dog walker I totally would! We are always so busy and just don't have the amount of time to walk our dogs that I'd like.

    I can't give ya much advice. The only thing I can think of is leaving flyers with dog grooming services, doggy daycares, pet stores, etc. And maybe even places like office buildings if they have boards you could post on.

    Good luck!
  3. You might actually be better off trying to get a job at an existing dog walking business. Having a service be bonded and licensed probably isn't easy, especially if you're doing it on your own.
    These people are the most popular service in town:
    Maybe they need new walkers? Oh, and I plan on getting a dog in a few months, and will need a dog walker, at least for the first couple months. Let me know how the walking business works out, I might be able to use you in the future. :P
    ETA: All of the services I've looked at in Chicago charge around $12 for a 25 minute dog walking session, more for a 40 minute or double session. Additional dogs for a single session are something like $5 each. They pretty much all tout that they send the same walker every day, and that the walker doesn't do anybody else's dogs at the same time as yours, unless you ask them to. They come to your home to collect your dog. Chicago Dog Walkers provides a discount for rescued dogs. Some places also do cat and bunny care, where they'll come by at the appointed time and feed your critters.
  4. hehe! thanks, Kezza! I would definitely appreciate your business! :yahoo:

    I've debated whether or not this can be an "off the record" business. Is it like awful/horribly illegal not to have a license/insurance? Like babysitting?
  5. Personally I would not let an unlicensed person walk my dog (no matter breed). Anything can happen on a dog walk and there needs to be good insurance to back that up.
  6. Thanks, Lisa.

    This might be a bad idea after all. I wanted to find something I didn't have to sink too much money into and that I could do in my spare time.

    But these professional dog-walkers mean serious business! Talk about competition, I'm already shaking in my socks.

    Maybe I will stick to my day-job. :idea:
  7. I have friends with this business in the Seattle area. Its very lucrative if you do it right. Bonds are not hard to get. Most insurance companies can issue one and if they can't, then they will have a sub agency who can.

    The reason my friends do well is that they require the dog owners to commit to a monthly schedule and they are billed monthly for the services, not per walk. My friend says she regards the dog care services she provides the same as she would a utility bill. She does well at it but it has taken her a long time to establish herself.
  8. Here in NY you would be making a heck of a lot more than $50 per week!! Almost everyone with a dog in my neighborhood ahs a dogwalker-even i did at one time-and I work from home!

    Most of the people around here charge from $10-$15 for a walk and the walk is anywhere form a half hour to an hour. So-if you walk 10 dogs in one day (and, i see dogwalkers around who do more than that)-you could easily-at the least-make $100 CASH in a day!

    Not bad I think.
  9. haha, Nishi, don't make me greedy
  10. i've actually been thinking about this as well since i thought it would be a fun way to make some money. however, after talking about it with some people it appears as though it won't be as easy as it seems.... getting licensed.... knowing dog cpr..... all sorts of stuff you wouldn't realize that you probably need.
  11. crap this thread is super old! sorry!
  12. You say dog walking services "come to your home to collect your dog". What if nobody's home--that is, at work and being at work is the reason why you want someone else to walk your dog? Certainly, there must be clients who simply aren't around when they want their dog walked? So how does the dog walker collect the dog then and return the dog after the walk?
  13. This is a super old thread. Im closing. Please feel free to start a new one. Thanks!
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