Dog Totes/Carrier/bags

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  1. hi ladies!!
    i need recommendations for dog carriers/totes/bags. where u can put a small dog inside and allows us to carry them around comfortably. i want to use it for when i take it out along with my sharpei.
    preferably a brand that can be bought over the internet.

    don't need anything branded for now, but i really have no experience with these bags. however, i really do want to get one now. if u have pics of urs show me too!! :yahoo:

    i've been checking out some on ebay but nothing that i'm crazy about.
  2. isnt it cruel to zip a dog inside a bag?

    dont u feel its un-ethical?
  3. the obvious choice would be Juicy
    eluxury also has different sizes and colors. I don't have a dog but I've seen girls carry their dogs in Juicy and it seems cute and comfortable (if your dog is the right size of course)

    small velour in new day
  4. I've seen these ones on airplanes. They are really cute.

    Jet Set Pet Trolley - JUST ARRIVED ! - JetsetTrolley

    Good ventilation.

    But they are only for small dogs, like under 15 pounds. My 18lb pug would not have room to move around inside. I wish the bags are a bit bigger - I would get one in a heartbeat.
  5. By the way

    I have seen much cuter fabrics than on the website I listed. You might google around.
  6. NO!!!!!!!!!! not at all...
  7. I bought this one for Jimmy but the larger size one, it's not featured in the webby though. :sad:

  8. The best site for anything pampered doggy!!
    Carriers for Dogs (Shopping @ Pampered Puppy)
    I have a couple of Juicy carriers & highly reccomend them. There are many other brands that are great too, including the Pet-totes & Tote-a Pets they all ahve great ventilation & are very well thought out for your babies needs.
  9. i dont think its cruel perse.. like im looking for a carrier, but i want one that my little westie who is 15lbs could stick his head and paws out of like he likes to sit. he doesnt like me carrying him for an extended period of time, even when he's bushed out of walking. but a trendy carrier can be a ticket into a mall if you want to bring him/her in the mall.
  10. it would be basically like i would be carrying him, just more comfortable so he would have more space then my arms.
  11. I use a carrier for my puppy. She loves it. I would rather put her in a carrier and take her along with me then leave her in the car where its really hot (it's so hot here right now). I can't leave her at my apt because they don't allow dogs so I can't have her barking. If I leave the carrier on the floor with the top open she just jumps in it and lays down. She prefers it to her bed haha



  12. are u allowed to take your dog in the shop if you have a carrier then?

    i think you've converted me ladies, i just noticed a nice one on the lv site

    the only thing is its probably 2 small 4 french bulldogs
  13. i dont know what your budget is, but if you really really wanted a bigger carrier, the only one i know of is this: eLUXURY - null - null=
  14. oh wow lol i guess it just sold out, but its by louis vuitton, its 1650 i think and the base is 20 inches long.
  15. ^^ sometimes, depending again which mall, but it usually helps!