Dog Tags

  1. Hey does anyone know how much the Gucci dog tags cost?

  2. I got my hubby a pair for this bday and they were $315. Here's link from Neiman's : Gucci -  Necklace with Dog Tags -  Neiman Marcus

    I got them 2 Christmas' ago but they seem to be on back order now. The girl's ones are $1,990.00 But they're white gold w/ diamonds!!
  3. Ohhhh they are nice.
  4. thanks

  5. I have them, and LOVE them!!! Back order, eh? I sometimes wish they'd stop making stuff after I buy it. I hate to see something two years later, still availabe. Im just stingy. I get lots of compliments on them, and I love that the gucci word is barely noticable!
  6. ^^ lol it's ok i'm stingy too. At least amongst my friends. I like to be the 1st and ONLY person to get something in my circle of friends... especially if it's FABULOUS!! :roflmfao:

    but my hubby always gets compliments on his, even 2 years later. it's a great piece.