Dog Stroller - Amazing Customer Service.

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  1. I bought a Pet Gear dog stroller back in Feb from Overstock. The first day I got it, the zipper started ripping apart from the mesh, and it has been getting worse and worse. I admit I have been lazy about calling and complaining. So today I finally got around to calling overstock. They told me I would have to pay for it to be shipped back. It was 48 pounds. If it was 50 pounds they would have paid for it. Then they told me I would only MAYBE get a partial refund. So I called Amex and they said since there is no warranty and it is over 60 days there is nothing they can do for me. I called the manufacture, Pet Gear told them and they immediately asked my address and told me they are sending me a brand new one and just toss the old ripped one out. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE BY PER GEAR. Nice that they stand behind their product.

    I just hope the new one does not rip so quickly.

  2. i love when CS is great like that....i had an issue with the harness not tightening with my britax car seat (for my son...not and they sent a brand new one out to me immediately....the car seat was over a year old questions asked....
    it makes you feel good when a company cares for its customers!!
  3. Exactly. It is so rare now that a company stands behind their products.
  4. wow! definitely something important to consider. thanks for sharing!