Dog Strikes Again!

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  1. So my little man Loki (the darker one in my avatar) has once again taken it upon himself to eat one of my belongings. I came home the other day to find one quarter of a leather belt left on my bed. Apparently he started at one end and was working his way to the metal clasp.

    Right now his list of items ingested is:
    1. Leather Belt
    2. White Adidas Baseball Cap
    3. XL Coach leather collar
    4. Several pairs of size 7 flip flops
    5. Pair of chunky leather Sketchers sandals
    6. Bottle of Motor Oil
    7. Porcelin Chiuaua figure (jealousy? :lol: )
    8. Portion of underground sprinkler systems
    9. Several Kong chew toys - okay all canine toys in general :upsidedown:
    10. Middle of wall
    11. Decorative basket set
    12. random garbage - only from the master bathroom
    13. pair of gym shoes left by the front door entry
    14. Large branches from trees in yard
    15. Stuffing from pillows and comforter in second bedroom.

    I am sure there is more but I just cant think of them right now.

    Does anyone else have a mini dumpster for a furpal? :girlsigh:
  2. oh, i know how u feel. my fox terrier always bite my shoes, not my bf's but mine... because he knows that my bf would snap on him, and i can't snap on that dog, he would look at me with his cute eyes and i just stare away. that's the biggest punishmnet he would get from me.
    but luckily the shoes are regular non expensive shoes, but once he bite on my precious collectible toy from a japan designer, i cried my eyes out...
  3. Oh my gosh! I know it is not a funny matter, but forgive me because the way you listed them is quite humorous. I was waiting for 'and a partridge in a pear tree'. How many visits to the VET did some of this chewing cause you (eg. 'MOTOR OIL'!! wow). Both your pups are so cute though. Does Loki only do this when you are gone? Is he fine when you are there? How old is he? You could try putting him in one of the big wire crates when you are gone so he can't harm things (or himself)... or would this drive him bananas?
  4. Sorry to hear you have a long list of chewed items :sad:
    I think its time to start putting your dog in a crate when you're not home.
    If he's doing this while you're home i'd suggest the same thing when you're not watching him.

  5. He must have an iron stomach because we have not had to make any vet visits (of course check ups and shots). Thanks for thinking they are cute! :flowers: He only does this when no one is paying attention to him. He is a love bug and I am constantly hugging and kissing him - he just eats it up. When he gets bored and pissed off he goes straight for things that he knows will get my attention. He's like a small child - when things get quiet you know he is up to something. :lol: He is 2 years old right now. When we are not home he stays in a cage (our other one has free run of the house and I dont want them out together unsupervised since they are both intact).
  6. does he get rawhide chews or other long lasting chews that are on the market on a daily basis? or would he rather just munch on your stuff?
  7. Longlasting is not something that we have found yet. Raw hide and such items last minutes - literally.
    One time I went to petsmart and bought a toy advertised as "indestructable or your money back". We were back in the store in less than an hour with a bag full of pieces.
    I have found coconuts to be great but they are a strickly outdoor toy.

    Right now the only toy they have left is a condensed bone. They get bored with it though which is understandable.
  8. Awwww, man! That stinks. When our old dog, Bear, was still a puppy - we came home one day to find that our underwear that was waiting to be folded, pillows, windowsill and couch were all eaten up, haha!
  9. Awwww that sucks!!!

    For some reason my CAT loves to chew the heels of my leather shoes or the handles of my leather purses. It drives me crazy!!!

    I have to keep all designer bags up high on a shelf or they get destroyed.
  10. Oh that reminds me he also has a think for Pink Victoria Secret undies...:roflmfao:
  11. Does your baby get a few hours of excercise a day? maybe that's the answer, you need to completely wear him out! lol
  12. He definitely needs to be worn out every day. Thats the downside of living in Oregon. In the winter it rains constantly. He hates water and will not go outside when it is raining. I literally have to push him out the door in order to make him use the bathroom. Lucky for him we have a dozen trees back there that he can use for cover. Therefore when it is raining we try and play tug of war or random things indoors to keep him occupied.
  13. Wow it seems like he is VERY bored at your house (they do this when they are very bored).

    Have you considered taking him out for longer walks and engaging him in training behavior (so that he feels stimulated?)
  14. Weather permitting we go on long walks (atleast 45 mins).
  15. When Ashley was a puppy, he liked to chew on electrical cords! I had to cover them in a greasy substance called Bitter Apple. It worked, he stopped chewing them.