Dog strapped with explosives...

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    SO infuriating. I hope they burn in hell....
  2. WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!:censor::mad::rant:

    lets strap some explosives to him and detonate them. Effing freak(s).
  3. I'm gonna strap the explosives to this person's genital!!!!!!
  4. If anyone ever strapped explosives to my dog, I would shove explosives down every orifice of his/her body and detonate them! That's what they should do when they find the monster that tried to kill that poor doggie.
  5. Im not a animal lover but thats just wrong
  6. Thank God the dog is okay and he's back with his owner.

    But what kind of monster would do something like that?
  7. :mad:
  8. Some people are just SICK!!!! Poor dog - I wish him a speedy recovery and am so glad his real owner has found him.
  9. WTF this person should strap his b*lls poor doggie:sad:
  10. I feel so angry and HOT reading this!!! I second this and I hope they found out which monster did this.
  11. Terrible! what is this world coming too?
  12. Oh god, why did I read this knowing it'd upset me?! Yea, whoever did this needs explosives strapped to them too!
  13. omggggg
    what the _________________
    i hope that person explodes right now.
    what's wrong with people, who would do such a horrible thing to the most innocent creatures in the world????
  14. The person or people who did this need to be found. If they are sick enough to do this to a dog, who knows what they are capable of. A lot of serial killers start off torturing animals.

    I think society needs to take animal cruelty more seriously simply because it takes sick, evil, deranged people to do things like this. I'm just glad the poor dog is okay and reunited with its owner. Poor baby.
  15. I just don't know if I have any words for this. SMDH