Dog Started Eating His Bed

  1. I boarded my dogs while I went away for a week and picked them up on Monday. Ever since being back, one of them started eating his bed while I'm away at work. He's never done this before and I'm so stumped as to why he picked up this bad habit.

    It's incredibly frustrating and I don't want him getting sick. Any suggestions?
  2. It sounds like he started this out of boredom or stress at the kennel. I'm wondering if you may have to take away his bed for a short time to maybe break the cycle?
  3. My dog has eaten roughly 6 or 7 beds over the course of her 2 years and I second inspiredgem. Take it away for a while and see if that works. I stopped buying beds and got a huge blanket and some towels to put in her crate. She realized laying on the hard crate floor sucked and when I put her bed (pillow and all) back in it, she hasn't even attempted to destroy it.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions ladies!! I actually think that the neighbors have been setting off fireworks during the day and it's scared him, so he's doing it to pacify himself (I caught him in the act yesterday during some really loud "booms" next door).

    I kenneled him with his brother this evening (they've both still got plenty of room), so we'll see how it looks when I get home.
  5. My dog does the same to her bed. At first, we were pretty annoyed, but eventually we let her be. She plays with it, drags it across the living and dining room, but she likewise sleeps on it come afternoon time and night time before she goes up to sleep in my room. :smile:
  6. My dog does this, over the space of 3.5 years he's been through about 4 beds - he plays in his bed like a nutter! He rolls about in it, drags it around the house and generally just goes bonkers with it. We've started getting him more structured beds now but as long as he's not actually eating the padding from the holes he makes in his bed then I'm not too concerned! Does seem as though it's a bit of a nervous habit with your pup OP, hope you can resolve it