Dog Soldiers

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  1. Okay, I've just finished watching "Dog Soldiers". It's directed by the same guy who did "The Descent". It was EXCELLENT!! if you like "The Descent", you'll like "Dog Soldiers". There's great character development and it's definitely more complex than "The Descent". There're moment of tension and then there're also comical moment as well. It's an awesome film.

    If you like "The Descent", you'll like "Dog Soldiers". It's not as frightening as "Descent" (I'm probably just de-sensitized) but it's really good. There're also references to "Aliens", "The Shining", "The Matrix" and couple other movies as well as cult classics.
  2. Thanks Kou I have to check that one out!!!!
  3. Anytime!:flowers: Let me know what you think if you watch it. I think there're more to discuss on "Dog Soldiers" than "The Descent". Both good, but I think I like "Dog Soldiers" more.
  4. What is the basic story line to Dog Soldiers?
  5. I got this summary from IMDB:

    It's quite good. It has some humor in it as well, and I love the reference to all the other movies.
  6. Sounds good! I'll definitely add it on my list...

    i just need to recover from the recent horror movies I've seen
  7. It's a really entertaining movie, I really enjoyed it.
  8. Yay! You saw it too? Have you seen the "The Descent"? By the same director too.