Dog smells the blood beast!

  1. Yesterday afternoon, when I was doing some paper work, I had my patent, chain Betty sitting on the floor by my feet. So was my dog Ruby (refer to my avatar).

    She started to do something that I've never seen her do before and I thought I've seen it all with this pooch since she's 7 years old. Ruby was sniffing my Betty bag so intently and hard I just had to laugh. I mean this dog was really into it (aaaah yes, I'm thinking, the fragrant leather).

    Here's were it gets funny, sort of. The little leather ties on the O rings where then assaulted. Ruby was trying to chew on them. Oh my gosh, STOP. She didn't hurt the bag but now I have to be really careful where I place these purses.

    Have you guys ever had this problem????:busted
  2. hee hee, even your dog has fabulous taste lol!!

    everybody loves betty :biggrin:

    My dogs have never taken any notice of any of my bags, so no, cant say I have had any experience of this :biggrin:
    piccie of my little dogs here
  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: How adorable!!

    My doggy takes no notice of my bags either.

    Picture of my pooch (scruffy bundle of fun) attached :heart: :p

  4. my cat doesn't like my he's full of mischief but he is so not into fashion. lol
  5. i have caught my dog trying to sniff my purses on several occasions, luckily he doesn't want to eat them!:p my big guy is the pic on my avatar :heart:
  6. I am very lucky my dogs don't mess with my handbags. I have 3 75+ pounds Greyhounds and I have seen what they can do to a squeeky toy. Well...they are lucky they don't mess with my handbags. :p
  7. Look at those babies!!

    Chloe-babe don't you take really careful measure with your bags? Like they're NEVER on the floor? I'm tellen ya be careful. This behavior shocked me with my dog.
  8. Put a pipe in his mouth and sit him in a wing chair. How adorable is he!!!!!!!!
  9. Susie et al - it is almost as much fun seeing the doggies as the bags! Who woulda thought Ruby would have it in her? Could Spanky be NEXT??? YIKES!
  10. Almost! I set my new Betty on the bench in the entry way (I usually keep her up on the counters in the kitchen) and he (Buddy) had a nice long sniffy-sniff all over. I stood there looking at him and quickly moved it back up high! My inner tuition said, move it!

    Here's Buddy and my little boy Bradley :smile:
    Bradleys best friend.jpg
  11. Oh darn it, Blood??; the title was suppose to be Bloody Beast! :sweatdrop:

    Not being English and all, it's foreign for me to spell that word naturally. Sorry for the mix up.:push:
  12. I love all of these pet pics!!

    Umm....does a 2-year-old human count? She likes to climb all over my bags and put her sticky grubby hands on them -- eek!!

    Susieserb, I was wondering about that title. It all makes sense now! :roflmfao:

  13. That picture is a hoot. Look how good your Buddy is (I'm gathering) with your child?

    Now Rub's is 3.5 pounds; your Buddy? Not so much. I still think sniffin dogs are dogs looking for trouble.

    Last??? Any of you crazy mama's seen WILD HOGS???????? That John Travolta still has his mo-jo.;)
  14. LoL My friend's dog could be your dog's brother, but he's 105lbs! Big for a blonde lab!

    He never chews on her bags, but he DOES bury bones in her bag and she finds them while she's out shopping. Sometimes they're dry and without slobber, most times - they're not!! :push:
  15. One of my cats likes to bat the little dog swing tag on my radley bags :rolleyes: