Dog Show

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  6. They're all so beautiful. I was looking to see if I know anyone there. hehe
  7. ^^ me, too. A good friend of mine (who has a dog from me from when I was showing and breeding my dogs) is also friends with the breeder of Tommy (the maltese).
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  10. Thanks a lot for the photos! I think the Pomeranian is my favorite, but they all are adorable. It is as if they're like us ladies, what with their hair curlers and barrettes and such!
  11. I love the pom too! They are all gorgeous though!
  12. aww.....i use to go to alot of dog show before i got my pup....sad huh?

    They are so adorable and cute......i love watching dog shows, i would love to go to Crufts.
  13. shih tzu pooowwweeeerrrr!! :p
  14. Oh, look at that Pom!! Just a little ball of cuteness!
  15. i love going to dog shows, i'd love to show dogs, but it seems to be kind of the thing that you get into by family or close friends. so i guess i'll stick to agility. all those dogs are so cute, i love the whippets, but i'm biased ;)