Dog Shoots Owner In The Back ! ...Yes Its True !

  1. "Lucas told that she fears what her fiance will do to the pet once he gets out of the hospital"
    Some people are so stupid, why on earth would he think it was the dog's fault?
    That poor dog.
  2. ^ Yeah, I hope she was joking! It's not the dog's fault, the gun shouldn't have been carelessly left on a table where it could go off if knocked off a table. Also, what's this about? "He was always protective. I didn't think he would be like that." He knocked it off the table! What does that have to do with being smart or protective. It's not like the dog grew opposable thumbs, aimed, and fired.
  3. Amen.
  4. I saw this on the news & I don't believe it for one minute. I think one of his thug friends did it & he doesn't want his friend to get in trouble.
    Who leaves a loaded gun laying around anyway!
  5. First of all, "they don't plan on filing charges." Against who??!!!! The dog??!!! And secondly I have no sympathy for these people as they should be more responsible and not have a loaded gun laying in the open. I pray to God that this poor dog doesn't suffer from this.
    I would have to agree with Vegas Long Legs, one of his friends might have done this, I just can't see a dog accidently shooting anything.
  6. Exactly, this is so stupid. The poor dog was probably so scared when the gun went off. The guy better not hurt his dog.
  7. What idiots.
  8. When I saw this on the news last week, they showed video of this poor dog. It was very emaciated! It's hipbones, ribs and spine were jutting out of it's skin. It looked like one of the neglect cases on the Animal Cops show. I was hoping after they investigated the shooting, the police would charge the owner with animal cruelty for not feeding the poor thing. Why do idiots own pets?