Dog seizure?

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  1. My little chihuahua had a strange attack of illness last night. When I came home from work yesterday she was fine. She snuggled with me and 'played' (growled) with the cat.

    We were watching TV and she was laying on the back of my legs (I watch TV on my stomach and she always lays on the back of my legs...aww) and I noticed her shaking. I thought she was just biting at her feet like she sometimes does (due to allergies) but when I told her to 'stop' she didn't respond. I told her again, thinking it was strange that she didn't respond and she still continued doing it. I looked back and she was just quivering. (Not like convulsions, but shaking like if she was extremely scared or cold.)

    I thought her look was strange so I called her name in 'our tone' (any and every time I say her name in that way she stands her ears straight up and looks at me, expecting something exciting to come.) She didn't respond, just sat there shaking with her eyes WIDE OPEN.

    I picked her up and still, no change. My BF was also watching TV with us, a little focused on what he was watching and I just grabbed him, panicing, saying "HELP HER!" He picked her up and promised that she was still breathing, trying to calm me down (the hysterical mother). He called my mom as we were loading up in the car to run to the pet ER (cloest one almost an hour away!)

    My mom suggested giving her some white syrup incase it was her sugar level. Since she WAS breathing, my mom suspected this would help. I dipped some on my finger and touched it to her lips. She was completely terrified and began to lick it off her mouth. We did that 2-3 times and she began to lick it off of my finger.

    She soon perked up enough that I could calm down that she was not going to die immediately in my arms. She snuggled with me again, and was much better, but she couldn't walk. It was like her back legs weren't functioning. She kept staggering and stumbling. We gave her a little more syrup (by this time she would lick it off of a paper plate). And then soon became herself again.

    She has been home alone for 6 or 7 hours and I'm so worried about her. What could have happened? I need to take her to the vet, but I have no money.
  2. I wouldn't give her any sugary things.

    I would take her to the vet for a checkup. I had a dog with epilepsy and it his first seizures were light ones like you described.

    It could be a number of things and I would feel better taking her to the vet. Maybe you could talk to your vet about a payment plan.

    I hope she feels better soon.
  3. My dad just called me and said she is okay! :smile:
    She doesn't usually eat sugary things unless a rare treat. She eats a lot of chicken breast though. The syrup was to pull her blood sugar up.

    I will talk to the vet and see...I just don't have much money. I looked at "pet insurance" but I doubt it would cover anything and it is a $50 co-pay (i think?)
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    First off, I know how scary this is. Our basset hound had a seizure a few months ago, around Thanksgiving when we took him on a walk to a park near our house. His back legs just froze up as though he couldn't walk, then he laid down and had a mild seizure. No defecating or urinating, no "paddling" of his legs. Just shaking. I notice you didn't mention your dog doing either of those, either. He was very lethargic afterwards, but otherwise okay.

    We took our basset to the vet, and they could find absolutely nothing wrong with him after all sorts of tests.

    There are many possible causes of dog seizures. Certain medications (heartworm meds), injuries, blood sugar, heredity, etc. Our vet actually told us that sometimes they just happen and they can't find a cause. Frustrating. These pages have some info:

    The second page notes: "A single, mild seizure is not an emergency and rarely indicates the need for long-term treatment. But at a convenient time, you should call your veterinarian and report what occurred. Be sure to record the date, time, and duration of any seizure."

    Was your dog acting funny beforehand? Did she possibly get into something she shouldn't have? Take any medications recently? Go outside?

    I understand that you don't have the money, so quite honestly at this point, I'd just keep a very close eye on her - especially if she seems to be back to her old self.

    IF it happens again or she starts acting strange or otherwise ill, I'd find a way to take her to the vet - many of them will offer payment plans if you explain your financial situation. Or, call the local SPCA or Humane Society or even a Chihuahua rescue (many breed-specific rescues know programs that help with medical expenses for that breed only), and see if any of them have suggestions. The emergency vets are usually 2-3 times more costly than a "regular" vet, so keep that in mind.

    Good luck.
  5. ^ Thank you! That's excellent advice.

    She stays home alone for extended periods of time every day. She doesn't like it, but I don't think it had anything to do with this 'experience'.

    She had not eaten anything that day (she often doesn't until the evening) and the syrup really seemed to help, so maybe it was linked to her sugar level.

    Once before she had a very strange incident where she had 'convulsions' and stopped breathing. I panicked but she came out of it so there wasn't much to do other than keep an eye on her.

    It is so scary because we love our dogs so much!!! She is like a child to me!
  6. About 3 weeks after I got my younger dog from my neighbor, he had a seizure that lasted about 10 seconds. I was so scared. I didn't know anything about him at that point. he was about 4 yrs old but wasn't really well taken care of.
    He made the most awful sound and his legs started shaking and he did deficate. I rushed him to the vet, did a bunch of tests but he had a lot of health issues at the time. that was about 4 yrs ago and that was his only seizure. so it could be like a one time thing with your baby too. I hope you find a vet that's not too expensive and have your baby checked out.
    is she on any medication by chance? sometimes that can trigger it too