dog seat belts?

  1. Hey everyone, I am looking for recommendations for good seat belts for our dogs. The ones we have are harness style, and the seat belt slides through a loop on the dog's back. However, even when properly fitted, my girls end up getting all twisted up when they start to move around or struggle (especially if they see another dog passing or if my boyfriend or I get out of the car).

    Does anyone else have this problem? We no longer use them, because the twisting and getting limbs stuck is more dangerous to me than a potential accident.

    I'd like to find a good seat belt that can comfortably restrain two wiggly beagles. Are there any? Thanks!
  2. Sorry, I don't know anything about dog seat belts other than the ones I have seen at petsmart. I have 2 chihuahua's so I put them in a carrier and buckle it in. Maybe if your car is big enough you can get a travel carrier and put them in there??? Hope someone more knowledgeable can help.
  3. ^ No, crates wouldn't work in our car. They're not huge dogs, but they also aren't terrier/toy sized. It would be a huuuge pain to deal with them and crates just to go across town.
  4. I use the harnes with the loop but Reg doesn't move about - he likes to stand and look straight ahead (he supervises the driving.)

    I have seen a type that is like a short piece of seatbelt webbing - at one end it has a clip to attach to the dog's harnes and the other is like the part of the seatbelt buckle that clips in to the part with the release button. (I hope that makes sense) SO you snap the dog to the seatbelt.
  5. I have to buckle in a crate in my backseat. I have tried the doggie seatbelts and my dog would get out of them. She's like a little escape artist. When she was a puppy she even got out of a sweater. I always wonder if there is something out there better than a crate. I wish I could design something that would be more like a full body harness the dog couldn't get out of but I wouldn't have a clue where to begin. For my dog it would have to be like a little straight jacket.

    I just thought of something though. What about a doggie life vest? Maybe you could put the seatbelt through the loops. Some of these look pretty secure.
  6. I have something like this.

    It works well even better to get him in his harness on the way out the door so all you have to do is slip the seatbelt over his back and clip him in ...........

    mine's called vet harness or pet harness.. less than $30
  7. What worked for my beloved pug for many years was a cord with hooks and a ring.

    The cord (leash strength) was around 12" or 30cm long.

    At each end was a hook. In the middle was a metal ring.

    I would fasten one hook to the D ring of my pug's harness.

    I would fasten the seat belt and loop the cord around the top strap. Then I would fasten the end hook to the center metal ring.

    This kept beloved pug from being flung into the windshield when I had to hit the brakes suddenly.

    As a puppy, she would get a bit tangled up. I would reach across and untangle her. But she soon learned how to keep the connection simple.