Dog saves owner stranded in wilderness


Jul 30, 2006
I watched the Today show yesterday (Friday) and the story really made me cry!!! :crybaby:Dogs really are people's best friend!!!

MOAB, Utah - A dog is being hailed a hero after he rescued his owner who was stranded in Utah's red rock country for two nights with a broken pelvis.Hospital officials say Danelle Ballengee, 35, spent six hours in surgery on Tuesday to repair her broken pelvis.

While the elite athlete recovers in a Denver hospital, authorities say they can't wait to reward Taz for leading rescuers to Ballengee.

Denver's police chief says he has never seen any dog do what Taz did last week when he lead rescuers to his owner. Although, he believes rescuers would have found Ballengee eventually, he say the search would have lasted longer without Taz.

Police say Danelle fell 60 feet while running on trails outside of Moab. Ballengee is considered among the best adventure-sports competitors in the world and is a four-time winner of the Pikes Peak Marathon.

Taz and Danelle were reunited on the show and Danelle told how Taz
curled up next to her during the night to keep her warm, and the next day, he would run off trying to find passersby. He would keep returning to lick her face, it's so sweet!!! :heart: :heart::heart:


Feb 17, 2006
Awwww .. my heart melts everytime I hear a storry like this. Years ago I watched a show on police K9 units. They send dogs in sometimes in situations where they think might be too dangerous for humans. There was one particular dog, they sent him in an apt where a hostage was held up. He was shot dead by the criminal - he didn't even see what was coming, he was just so excited to go after the bad guy which was what they were trained to do. Needless to say, I was bawling my eyes out, especially when they showed all the graves and headstones for those K9s that died in the line of duty ...:crybaby:


Sep 9, 2006
I know, dogs are just amazing. I am a cat person at heart, but I know cats will not sacrifice themselves for humans... Actually I take that back, I have heard stories that cats do save lives, too. But they tend to own us, where dogs really seek our guidance.