Dog running with tail between legs - excited?

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  1. We have no clue why Alex does this. He's done it since he was a puppy! Not all the time, but it seems like he does it when he's really excited?

    Sometimes we will play and he will all of a sudden tuck his tail (and his butt?) under his legs and will bolt off, running around the whole yard like a bee stung him in the butt.

    He doesn't seem scared when he does it - just overly excited?

    He often does it when we play with his squeeky elf. He hates that thing. I like to stand the elf up on the carpet. He pounces on it and then starts running around like crazy. I think the elf mocks him :lol:

    Anybody know what causes dogs to do this and if it's normal behavior?
  2. The only time my dogs ever did this was when they were scared. If you look around the waiting room at the vet almost every dog was in this position. lol Maybe your dog is just a bit...different. :smile:
    I have a cat that will swish her tail when she is happy. Usually if a cat swishes her tail she is mad. They all have their own personalities.
  3. Haha that is what I thought. My childhood dog never did this so i have no clue what it's about. He seems reall excited when he does it - jumping around and wanting to be petted. It's weird!

    He's a weirdo ;)
  4. Is his butt just a little dipped downward? My dog does something similar where he's running and it looks like his back end is trying to catch up to his front. He's not afraid, just very excited. He's a Great Dane, Boxer mix and he definitely has the Boxer play drive. I've seen a few dogs run like this and it's usually when they're very excited. It kinda looks like his butt is on fire and he's running away from something.
  5. Haha my lab used to do that whenever she was excited! Is Alex a lab? I know of other labs that do the same, butt-tuck run when they're excited or playing.
  6. My older dog used to do this when she was a puppy, up until she was a few years old. Some people call it the zoomies. Our younger dog never did so I guess it just depends on their personality. :biggrin:
  7. Yes! It looks like he's trying to keep his back legs up with his front because he's going so fast.

    You described it perfectly! I'm glad there are other dogs who get so excited that they run like this. Makes me laugh :lol:

    Yep! He's a lab :love: He did it again today when he saw me. He was outside in the backyard and saw me walking up toward my mom's house. He started running around like a bee stung him in the butt, haha!

    Zoomies is the PERFECT word for it!!! Alex is a zoomer, most definitely ;)
  8. My lab does the same thing. He's definitely not scared - just trying to pretend he's a greyhound or something and is running laps around the yard as fast as his legs will let him without falling over (even though he has landed on his butt at times when taking the corners a little too sharply). He and his sister the St. Bernard rescue will chase each other and try to outrace each other. Even though he's 9 years old, he has his moments when he wants to act like a puppy.

    I love the "zoomies" description - very accurate! We used to just say he was doing his spaz puppy thing!
  9. I call this the butt run! Almost all of my dogs have done it and it's one of my favorite things to watch!!
  10. It's so funny and cute to watch. You can tell they're having fun :smile: It always makes me laugh.

    Alex did slip once during his zoomie and plowed into the (metal) swing set. Stood up, shook it off and kept zooming ;)
  11. Glad to see my Ezio in good company. Lol. I keep trying to get a video of him running like this. He's been too fast so far.
  12. I tried yesterday, too!!

    It's funny...they're fast when they have the Zoomies, but if you're in a rush to get somewhere they're slow as snails ;)