Dog rescues his owner in the woods

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  1. Dog Helps Searchers Find Owner Lost In Woods

    Man Had Been Missing Since Sunday

    POSTED: 5:14 pm EDT August 14, 2007
    UPDATED: 9:58 am EDT August 15, 2007


    ALTON, N.H. --

    A man who had been missing in woods in the Lakes Region since Sunday was found alive Tuesday afternoon after his dog led rescuers near his location.

    Fish and Game Department officials said that Chuck Schultz, 64, was hiking with his German shepherd in woods off Route 11 south of the Mount Major hiking trail. An officer saw his pickup truck parked near the woods Sunday morning and became concerned when the vehicle was still there Monday afternoon.

    Rescue teams had been searching for Schultz since Monday. Tuesday afternoon, Schultz's dog returned to the vehicle and led search teams back into the woods. The dog led searchers to a spot on the trail, and Schultz was found about 830 feet from that spot.

    "He is alive, though he seems to be dehydrated, disoriented," Fish and Game Lt. Jim Goss said.

    Crews took Schultz out of the woods on an all-terrain vehicle, and he was placed in an ambulance. His family said that he was doing well, and he was excited to be reunited with his dog.
  2. Wow! What an amazing dog :smile:
  3. yeah what a great story. amazing dog.
  4. Awesome!
  5. I love stories like these!
  6. What a great dog, I love dogsss!
  7. Chuck Schultz? Charles Schultz? This wonderful story could only be better if the dogs name was...Snoopy!
  8. Amazing dog!