Dog peeing everywhere

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  1. My chihuahua has taken it upon himself to pee all over one part of my room while I'm out and he doesn't pee anywhere else.

    What can I do to get him away from my carpet? Is there something I can spray onto it to get him to not want to pee there? I've tried special cleaning stuff and a carpet cleaner, but he keeps coming back and it's revolting.

  2. Is he neutered?
  3. Is he crate trained?
  4. How old is he ? Was he fully potty trained and just started to do this? Maybe you need to keep him out of your room when you aren't there or keep him in a crate. I hope others chime in!
  5. Vet check, cleaner with enzymes, crate training (ideas in order ;) )

    Good Luck!
  6. This is a behavior issue that needs to be fixed first before sprays or carpet cleaners will help. However, cleaning the spots with vinegar removes the dog odor smell. Dogs will continue to mark a spot that already smells like urine so removing the scent is key.
  7. I used vinegar, the enzyme stuff and carpet cleaner with special pet stuff!!!!

    He doesn't have nuts, he's 5 years old and he is pee pad trained and goes outside to do his business every few hours.

    He passes his pee pad on his way to my room so he is intentionally peeing all over my floor!!!!!!!

    My parents say it's because he's mad at me because I'm always at my boyfriends house- but he gets their attention 24 hours of the day so I don't know what his issue is.

    :sad: :sad: :sad:
  8. maybe you should keep the door to your room closed? or not let him in it when you're home. to get the smell completely out of the carpet, you need to get down to the carpet pad. just spraying or pouring stuff on the spot will not do it completely. you need to get a syringe and use it to get vinegar deep down into the carpet pad.
  9. First of all, your dog isn't mad at you. Dogs don't get jealous or angry like people do. He simply has more time to get into trouble because you aren't home as much to supervise him and if he does anything destructive, he isn't going to get caught in the act.
    A lot of trainers don't like pee pads for the very reason you described -- it can cause confusion as to where it is ok to go and where it isn't.
    I would get him into the vet just to be on the safe side and make sure it isn't something physical. It definiteyl sounds behavioral to me.
    Have your rugs professionally cleaned. If you still smell the pee, then throw them out or replace them. Then you need to start potty training him again. There are lots of methods -- crate training, having him leashed to you at all times, taking him out at regular intervals and keeping him outside until he goes.
    I wouldn't leave him alone unsupervised. Confine him to a bathroom or a crate when you aren't home. And I would get rid of the pee pads.
  10. I have two adult dogs too that are trained to go potty outside, but it also seems like lately they are getting lazy and not taking their business outside. I am home all day and I find myself constantly after them, but by the time I know it, they've gone potty in the house. My husband laughs at me cuz he says that I say "potty" all the time. I think that they are not going potty outside cuz the grass is wet right now and they don't like that. Still it is annoying and it is getting on my nerves. They are not crate trained, but they were trained to sleep all night in their beds in our bathroom. Now, they are waking up during the night and peeing all over my floor.

    Right now I have them on time out and they are not allowed to walk freely around our home.
  11. Sorry to read your problem, My sophie is fully house trained and we have only ever had a couple of problems with peeing in the house.
    My husband has put her nose in her pee because dogs dont like pee on their nose/face. I can say to this day she has only ever peed after the noserub, twice because of illness.
    He also uses black pepper on furniture & other house hold products when she was a puppy because of chowing.
    I hope this helps.
  12. ^^ The rubbing the dog's nose in their pee/poo is really dated and not recommended. Unfortunately, unless you catch them in the act, there really isn't anything you can to do to discipline them. They cannot connect the reprimand with the action.
  13. ITA and quite frankly, if your dog has peed repeatedly in your room, the urine smell could be in the pad under the carpet AND even in the slab or subfloor under the pad. You may have to rip the carpet out, deodorize the subfloor, seal it, and then lay a hard surface floor. Why he started this may always be a mystery. But until you COMPLETELY eliminate the odor that a dog nose can detect, it's going to keep happening.
  14. I will just cosign everything aklein has written. :yes:
  15. Why can't you take your dog with you when you go to the boyfriend's?