Dog Parks, Anyone? (*somewhat of a rant*)

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  1. So I have started taking my Chis to the local dog park...its really a neat place. In fact, I heard that it just won best dog park award in the country last year!

    I always use the small/timid dog portion of the park...the other 'normal' dog portion can get sooo crowded and crazy!! But for the most part, everyone seems to be very respectful of other people and their dogs.

    EXCEPT for last night. My dad and I took Carmen and Bentley to the dog park, went into the small/timid dog section, and let them off of their leashes. They were having a great time for about 30 minutes until some man randomly came into the gated area with his THREE children -- appx. ages 5-7. The weird part was that he didn't even have a dog with him...he only wanted his kids to be able to play with all of the 'cute little dogs'.

    So the youngest (a boy) proceeds to start CHASING the teeny little dogs, and literally almost tripped, fell and/or ran into several of them. The two girls were sitting on the ground, picking up and trying to hold these STRANGE dogs.

    I was SHOCKED that the dad was OK with this. Whenever the kids tried to go after my dogs, I immediately picked them up and held them in my lap until they found another dog to 'play' with.

    They finally left, and when they did, all of the other owners in the area with me were like "WTF was that all about?!"

    The dog park has a rule that says "Children running or chasing after dogs is prohibited".

    In the future, what should I do/say in this situation? I am all for kids loving animals, but these children (and their dad by not correcting their behavior) were literally hazardous to the safety and well-being of those little dogs...some of which only weighed 3 pounds!

  2. It was dangerous for the dogs and children! It is exactly these types of situations that can result in children getting bitten on the face and hands. I think a lot of people are relatively uninformed that these situations can be dangerous. A lot of people think that smaller dogs are less dangerous because of their size. However, a bite hurts a lot regardless of the dog's size.
    If this happens again, you could politely explain to the dad that these dogs are timid and could possibly end up biting out of fear, because they feel threatened when chased.
    Perhaps if it was explained nicely, he would change his behavior. If it falls on deaf ears, take your doggies home. They don't need to be in this type of environment.
  3. Wow. That's pretty ridiculous that people would just bring their kids to the dog park to mess with everyone's animals. I think they are missing the point of it being a dog park.
    If anything, he should've asked each owner if it was okay for his kids to play with their dogs, but under no circumstances should he have let his kids chase the dogs, the small ones especially.
    If he comes again with his kids I would let him know that it makes you fear for the safety of your dogs when his children chase them around.
  4. What a weird situation! I've never heard of anyone coming to a dog park without a dog! I'd just tell people my dog bites if I'm uncomfortable with them touching her. Because really, you never know what your dog might do in a strange situation so I'd rather people just steer clear. Parents should teach their children the correct way to be around animals, you can't just run up on an animal you don't know and expect them to be okay with it!

    I don't usually like dog parks because my dog is not small so I can't take her in the small dog area and she's too timid to play comfortably in the big dog area because she's had bad experiences with dogs there.
  5. I would definitely say something to him if he comes back. Someone could have been injured (both furry and human). As another poster mentioned - it would be a good idea to politely bring to his attention the dangers that are involved.

    I personally hate when people bring small children to the dog park. It happens way too often at the one I attend. I bring my French Bulldog (so roughly about 30 lbs) into the large dog enclosure. One of the last times I was there someone's child kept trying to kick my dog. I was getting furious. The adult kept pulling his daughter away and telling her to stop it. But, for some odd reason she did not want my dog near hers. Their dog was some huge Saint Bernard mix. I was so happy when they finally left the park.
  6. Next time if this happens (which I HOPE it doesn't!!) I will definitely say something.

    I think I didn't say something this time b/c my dad was with me (which is a very rare occasion, since he is so busy with work), and he alwaaaays says that I am too sensitive about this kind of stuff.

    I think I am going back tonight by myself with my if that guy comes back with his kids, I will say something for sure. It was SUCH an uncomfortable situation!!
  7. OMG LisaG I can't believe the little girl tried to KICK your dog!!!! I would have FREAKED out!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ugh* I hate other peoples children being around my dogs. Every single time they act like brats and every single time the parent does nothing. Like you I probably would have said nothing and watched in horror too, but next time, definitely speak up. Anyways there is a sign stating that this is not allowed! Point that out to the big idiot. lol
  9. A Dog Park is a just that.......a DOG Park. He needs to take his kids to people park. That is SO RUDE of him to just assume that people want their dogs terrorized by his children. I definitely would have said something, no question. Plus, not even the fact that someone's dog could be easily injured and just plain petrified, the kids could be bitten out of the dog's fear alone.

    If your dog bites someone and breaks the skin, your dog will have to go into quarantine (for around 7-10 days depending on the state) for it's actions AND you will incur a monetary fine as well. Talk about stress on you and your dog!!! PLUS, you can very very very easily be sued for your dog biting someone even if it was totally their fault.

    Totally OT but my good friend just had to put his beloved 5 year old Border Collie down because he bit two people. The dog was a loving sweet dog whom I can't imagine him biting anyone ever, but he did. Turns out, my friend's neighbor, a ten year old BRAT had been constantly terrorizing the dog through the wrought iron fence inciting him to bite, poking at him with objects, etc. I 100% believe that this stupid kid taught the dog to become a biter because in 5 years he has never hurt a fly until this kid started terrorizing him.

    Back on topic, I would go back again since your doggies love it so much but don't feel afraid to say something to this man. Just explain that you do not wish to have his children play with your dogs because they could be injured or bite, etc. Just say it nicely and if he does not respond I would leave and call the City Offices that run the dog park. I would think there would be a local ordinance or city municipal code that falls under this because if you said there is a posted sign, there is probably a rule in writing somewhere which USUALLY means that if you break that city code, there is a fine to pay.

    WHEW sorry that was so long!
  10. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to behave around unfamiliar dogs. Some dog owners don't know either. When I worked as a vet tech, I would always see people that brought their dogs in that would just walk right up to another dog and just starting petting it. It's just asking for trouble. Good luck and if all else fails, just take your dogs out of the situation.
  11. ugggh, dog parks can be so FRUSTRATING! It's SO easy to get offended, and at the same time, it's simple to offend someone else.

    When I was in college, there was a 7 acre dog park, landscaped, complete with benches. I took my dog EVERY SINGLE DAY because it was beautiful, and just so big that if you didn't want your dog around a certain dog, you could easily find another spot to play. Rules were posted, and I think because it was so nice, people would abide by them.

    However, now that I'm back home, the dog park here is like, the size of my bedroom. And people bring vicious animals into it. One of the first times I took my dog, he was attacked, which led to a major fight between the owner and me, which then led to letters being sent from my dad (lawyer) to her making her pay my vet bills from that day.

    UGH! Now I'm glad we have a huge fenced in yard and I just walk them a lot. It's so much easier to be in control.
  12. does the park have public safety? the parks around me do. u could call them
  13. Excellent points. I don't have that problem at the dog park I go to, but would be extremely upset. If they came back with the kids, I would surely point out the rule to the dad/parent too. It's all fun and games for him and his kids UNTIL they scare/harass/hurt a dog and then the dog reacts. At that point, he'd probably have a huge change of attitude.
  14. Stupid people want their kids to get bitten by a dog. When I took my nephew with me, he wanted to pick up the small dogs to and I told him you have to ask the owner and it's a place for dogs to play with other dogs, not humans. You have to explain to kids and parents of the kids who just want to "play with the dogs".
  15. what the heck? Next time tell the father that small children are not permitted to play with the small dogs.