Dog owners...what is your pups favorite toy??

  1. My new pup Lilly has about 30 million stuffed animals and toys (well, it feels like it when Im picking them up) and she does play with them all but she will ALWAYS have a hair tie of mine that escaped my attention and is now HERS..she takes it with her everywhere. By her food bowl, napping, playing with her sister, or even when chewing a bone..she just carries with her constantly!! What about your little one?

    P.S. I just looked aver at her and she asleep with it under her head. LOL
  2. GOT HOOPS???? :lol:

  3. Lol
  4. My beagle loves his kong (that hard red toy that you stuff with treats). He knocks that silly thing all over the apartment trying to knock the treats out of it.

    Lately, we've been tormenting him with a laser pointer, and he's so darn cute running after the little red dot.

    Dogs are so much fun.
  5. My little doxie is 16 years old, so his favorite toy is a bone and his soft bed. I love all the dog pics!
  6. LOL Roo.

    Same for me jillybean!
    My chew fiend basset loves his Kong, too. The laser pointer is great with cats also, they start chirping at it.

  7. We have a Chinese Shar-Pei and her name is Zoe. Her favorite toy is any kinda stuffed animal or socks. She loves to play tug-a-war and catch.
  8. What a beautiful basset Mew...

    I just want to share a sad story...but informative...I check on on a min pin website...(as I have 2) a lady lost one of her dogs becuase it ate a mushroom growing in the back yard...scary and oh so heart breaking.

  9. Aww look at his face! So cute! Hound dogs make the best faces. They always seem to say, "Look at me, don't you want to give me a treat?"
  10. My "big" dog likes soft furry toys. My little one likes the crinkly toys.

    Since you asked, here they are (sorry for the weird eye effect)
    dudley and austin.jpg
  11. My baby loved her red heart (in avatar) but she squeaked it till the squeaker broke! She loves little wooly toys. Right now she plays with a wooly little gator I got her at petsmart! She also loves socks that DH leaves lying around!
  12. My dogs loves squeaky toys. The first thing they do once they get a new toy is race to see who can tear the squeaker out first. LOL It's like a competition.
  13. My little guy (Milo) loves this squirrel toy I bought him, he chews it, runs around with it, and loves to squeek it. I tried to replace it with a new one cause it's so old and ratty, but he would have none of it!! He still likes the ratty one!! Here he is:
  14. The B-A-L-L- We do not use that word in this household. It's enough to start a frantic search for the item. We have to hide them when they're not looking. The worst thing that happens is if they know where you put it. They will whine for it for DAYS! Even if you think that they forgot...

    Asides from that, the Kong keeps them both pretty busy which you need to do with JRT so they don't get destructive. Here are some baby-pics.
    Mousch.jpg Andre1.JPG
  15. ^^ LOL I love that you have to spell things for a dog. V-E-T was the evil word for my childhood poodles.

    Adorable pics!!