Dog owners help! My dog bit someone!!!!

  1. Hi ladies,

    Any of you dog owners out there please give me your opinions on this:

    Background: My pug, just about a year old, male, neutered, had all his shots. Very playful, kinda lazy now, good, loving dog.

    Yesterday I took him out to "go" and we were only outside for 30 seconds when my best friend pulls up in the car. He has been around her and her daughter and husband many times now since we've got him. Well, they come up to him and "hi milo!" and start petting him and he was totally acting normal. They were all bending down in front of him petting him. I was holding him on the leash. All of a sudden he kind of freaked out and started growling and bit her daughter!!!! He went for her ear, her neck, and her arm. The only marks he made were on her arm, about 3 scratches on her arm (poor thing) and not very deep but still broke the skin. She did not step on him or try to hug him or anything like that. They were all just petting him and he fliped out?????? I don't understand this at all. He has NEVER done this before. I scolded him and right away I could tell he knew he did something very very wrong and has been lowering his head at me ever since cause he knows I'm very unhappy with him. But, I took him to the vet and he's fine. No illness at all, hasn't been acting funny, he went right back to his normal self after they left. He did continue to bark at her daughter the whole time she was here though. But, she did nothing to him to provoke this???? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. your dog has been around her before? maybe she teased him in some way that he did not like. maybe she looked at him in a threatning way (as interpreted by him).
    though your dog is up to date with shots, pediatricians treat dog bites with antibiotics( augmentin) for 10 days regardless of dog vaccines being up to date.
    definitely not a good idea for her to ever go near him again.
    hard thing to deal with. went thru that myself with my dog. no one is allowed to bend infront of him in surprise sudden actions.
  3. stories like that, about perfectly well behaved, never harmed anyone kind of dogs are exactly why my husband has a SEVERE dog-phobia.
    He's a B I G man and a dog, even a teeny one will just scare the poo out of him. . . it's funny sometimes, but sad.
    They're just animals. . . you can just never predict that :sad:
    I'm sorry for y'all, I hope you get some great advice.
  4. My chihuahua, Gidget, is a little over a year old and just the sweetest most loving dog to us and most other people. But for some reason, she hates certain people and we do not know why. I think dogs have some kind of sense about people that we can't pick up on. There must be something about that little girl that set him off. Best just to keep them apart from now on.

    My dog has never bitten anyone but she probably would if she could. So I bought a nice carved wood Beware of Dog sign and put it near my front door. It looks nice and also warns people. That way, if something happens, at least I can say they WERE warned.

    I know this is upsetting, I'd be upset too. Just limit his time around all children and warn anyone who gets near his face that they should be careful.
  5. ^^ I understand what your saying, it's just that I CAN'T BELIEVE this about my dog. He is so small (he's a pug) and so good to us. I mean sometimes my kids will play rough with him and he'll get right in there with them, but he has never tried to really bite someone like this before. I feel so bad, I love him, and now I don't know what to do, my mother keeps telling me to get rid of him before he chews up one of my kids.........why did I have to love this dog? I am so upset over this, I really don't know what to do. :sad:
  6. Maybe he got a little stressed because of all of the people in his space and you holding onto his leash, he couldn't escape. The little girl may have just been the unfortunate one that bore the brunt of his frustration. I'm certainly no dog whisperer but ...
  7. That's what I was thinking. Sometimes when you make eye contact with a dog in a certain way, they think of it as a challenge.
  8. I'm so sorry this happened. I too believe that dogs pick up on things (whether they're right or not) that we can't see. Maybe she had a threatening scent or something that set him off. Hopefully it's just a fluke. Was he recently neutered? My mom's lhasa apso was kinda growly to us for a few weeks after he was neutered. I wish I had a better suggestion.
  9. These are probably stupid ideas but maybe the recent heat waves have made him tired and snippy....or maybe he has an injury and the girl touched the spot that hurts...that's what happened with my dog except he just kinda growled...

    When I was a little girl (like 6 or 7 I think), I was at my aunt's house and their dog (I think it was like a shiba or a husky or something--I really have no idea) bit me. It was really scary but I don't remember it at aunt has kids and she didn't want her daughters to get hurt by the doggie so she had my grandma take care of it...I would just say to watch him closely for awhile....Hope I helped!
  10. My girlfriend had two pugs.. they didn't like kids very much. I don't know why she has a daughter and two step daughters but they don't play.
  11. You took him to the vet right after it happened? You may want to go somewhere for a second opinion. Biting out of the blue is usually the sign of a illness. Did they do any tests on his brain. Sometimes tumors or epilepsy will cause a behavior change.

    Has the girl ever been alone with the dog? Might she have hurt him when you were not around on previous visits?
  12. Well, he doesn't have any inujuries and she was just petting him. They all were and then all of a sudden--flip out. Maybe he doesn't like kids? But he's okay with my kids. I felt so bad for her and this is my best friend!! I felt awful!!! Still do. But, I am definatly going to get him into an obiediance class. That's for sure. Maybe like someone said, it was too many people on his face and he was on the leash and he just freaked out. This is just awful. Now I am scared he will do it again.
    And the worse part is (aside from my poor friends daughter) I love him so much.........I don't really want to get rid of him.
  13. So sorry to hear about this. I have an adorable shih-tzu who is so good around people its amazing. I would be suprised if she bit someone but I agree that anything could happen.

    I wouldn't get rid of him but I would be very cautious when people especially young children are around.
  14. Not intentionally, but as the others have said, dogs pick up different signals than humans do. She may well have been looking at him in what he determined was an aggressive manner.

    My thoughts were that since the parents were fawning over the dog, perhaps the little girl was feeling jealous and angry about that. Your dog picked up on her feelings, interpreted it as threatening and there you go.

    I'd strongly suggest taking him to an obedience trainer, preferably one experienced in interpreting dog's behaviors. That way you can get to the root of what the problem and address it accordingly. If it happens again and you've taken no steps to remediate it, well, I fear for your fur baby's future and I know you don't want that. :crybaby:
  15. Well, he hasn't been acting different in any way at all. And she has been here before, I've usually been with them though. She's pet him before and played with him. It's so wierd. I know that when she comes over all the kids go nuts and run and yell and stuff like that and he gets all excited, but it was just us outside, my kids werern't even out there. Sometimes he will nip at my kids if I start yelling at them and he thinks they are gonna hurt me, but he would never never bite or anything like that. Maybe because she bent down in front of him he thought she was gonna hurt me??