dog owners -- do any of you take yours to daycare?

  1. i take mine and she loves it. just wondering how many others do and am curious how much you pay? i buy packages of ten half-days for $170.
  2. Mine don't go to daycare because both of us work around the apartment parts of the week, so between the two of us, they get a lot of company, but they do have playdates--every Tuesday night when my writing group meets (here), one of the members brings her 2 shih tzus and, in theory, they play--although I think the 2 shih tzus are a little intimidated by my rambunctious scotties. I think the price you pay is very reasonable. It's much more expensive in NYC.
  3. in atlanta, it was $15/day for full days. what are the prices in NYC?

    i like the idea of playdates. i really believe that some dogs need to be socialized. other dogs i have had didn't need it but my current one really seems to need the interaction.
  4. aaaah you guys are so lucky to have dogs that get along with other dogs!! i picked mine up off the streets and she does not like any dog near her. i've had her get into a lot of fights. it's pretty scary. i think it may be because of her previous owner, may have trained her to fight. not sure. but i've had her for 3 years now, and she finally stopped fighting with my other dog. so i don't trust her in any dog runs. even if we are on a walk, i have to make sure her leash is short when any other dogs pass by.

    the funny thing is she's sneaky. she pretends she doesn't care about the other dog at all, until they get too close, that's when she attacks. with her teeth on their neck!
  5. I haven't used any of those types of services. My baby gets lots of attention....I don't go to school everyday and hubby sneaks home at least once a day. He also gets playdates with his girlfriend about once every 2 weeks. AND...the neighbors here love him (we're moving though in 2 hopefully the new neighbors will love him too) and always stop by to play.
    If hubby & I worked 8-10 hour days and never came home I would probably consider it a couple times a week.
  6. In the local "gym" it's $45 per day per dog, not counting $50 for an annual membership. But, there are some price breaks for packages, which are $395 and $495 per month for not-every-day and require a yearly membership of a couple hundred dollars and then there is a slightly more expensive package for every day activities. Hmm--I guess with the packages, it's not that much more than Chicago.
  7. Haha... this makes me laugh. My dog never went to one, but kids go to them- so it is along the same lines
  8. my avatar is a picture of my dog. He's 2 years old now and he's fully potty trained so I just leave the TV on at home while I'm at work and he takes a nap all day until I come home for lunch. Then he gets distracted by noise outside at times and looks outside to be noisy. I leave a chair by the window so he can hop on it to look outside and he seems to be ok with staying home by himself.
  9. One reason I really like the daycare places is that I can board her there when I am out of town. I feel less guilty about doing it this way than boarding her in a place where she would be in a run all day. I think she would be fine because those places walk them and stuff and dogs sleep most of the day, but I like having this option.

    I figured NYC would be expensive. I am now in the 'burbs of Chicago. I think it is even more downtown.
  10. ^^^One of my dogs LOVES TV--even CNN, although her favorite show is Animal Planet's Emergency Vet. I can't let her watch Animal Planet though, because my other one gets incensed when she sees an animal on the TV screen and starts to hurl herself at the TV growling and barking.
  11. Boarding is definitely an issue. I used to "board" with my parents. But, they've both now died and since then, when we go on vacation, we board with their groomer. But she's an hour and a half away on Long Island--she picks them up and drops them off (we don't have a car--sold it when we realized we were using it mostly to drive them to the groomer), but this makes it impossible for going away for a weekend, so if we do that, then we usually have to take them with us and either board them where we're going or keep them with us. Once time though, when Nancy, my older dog, was in a hotel with us, we went out to dinner and left her there and she ate all the soap in the bathroom. Uhh.
  12. i take our baby-girl, "Lucy Sue" (she is the most adorable puggle:love:) to daycare 2-3 times a week, my hubby and i both work long hours so this way she gets play-time and she loves it!!! :roflmfao:

    we live in santa monica and it is $27 a day (7am -7pm) ............ it is great because we board her there whenever we are on vacation, which is quite a bit, and since she goes on a regular basis it doesnt bother her to be boarded, she is in a familiar setting
    Lucy little 2.jpg
  13. Doggy day care is probably a good idea.

    We actually just left our three cats at home alone for the memorial day weekend (had a neighbor check in on them once a day) and they seem really freaked out by the whole thing. Hiding, crying, not eating.

    Animals seem to do better when they are left in supervised situations with other people and animals...rather than home all alone.
  14. I know what you mean Fayden. I got my dog when she was a couple of months old, but I don't have other pets and we have a small family of 4 so she only know us. I walk her regularly but only around the block. She's very guard all the time when she's out. Everytime we walk her, she spend all her time snipping things. Now she's 3 so I don't know how to train her to get along with other animals.
  15. I take my dogs to doggie daycare atleast once a week, in conjunction to whenever I have to work late. They have fun, they're tired when I get them back, they get to play with their little doggie friends.

    One time I was picking up my dogs from daycare towards the end of the day, and the guy who was dogsitting, was standing in the middle of the room holding one dog, while there was a ring of passed out little doggies all around him. They were all pooped and too tired to play! It was the funniest thing ever.

    I pay $25/dog and I consider it money well spent!