DOG OWNERS---Advice for getting a puppy?

  1. I have been wanting another dog for a long time. I had a dog that lives with my parents. I moved home for a short while years ago and when I moved back out my dog never came with me.

    My mother became attached and now its basically their dog.

    Anyway I live alone and would really like the company of a dog. My boyfriend seems to think that I work too much and wouldnt have enough time for a dog.

    My question is this--
    Do you have to be home all day everyday in order to have time for a dog?
    Don't working people have animals too?

    I trained my dog who now lives w/ my parents and I do remember it being a lot of work. But just because I have a professional job now and work 9 hour days does that mean I can never have a dog?

    i saw the most wonderful puppy with the best temprement ever the other day and can't get him off my mind.

    True, i leave in the mornings and dont get home until later but with proper training and care won't the dog have a happy life? I have two days off like everyone else. I work but geez doesnt everyone?

    my BF is making me feel so guilty about wanting this dog. He's acting like it'll be miserable and that i'm I'll be evil for leaving it while I'm at work. Do I need to wait until retirement before buying a pup? Geez :hrmm:

    I need advice. Help. :sad: :cry:
  2. are so talking to the right person..I am in month # 2 of PUPPY TRAINING HELL...LMAO..well..OK..seriuosly..its sooooo much work.I go to classes with him...but he is constantly growling at my other integrating him to Dog#1 is UGLY right now.LOL...My other dog is 10 and the puppy is sooo trying to terrorize him.
    Its a ton of work,if you are it.BUT remember they need LOTS of time and attention.I honestly forgot over the last 10 years how hard it is.Dont get me wrong..Ripley is worth it.....he is a cutie pie.BUT My other dog was ALOT easier to train.So be careful what kind of dog you pick and what kind of temperament he/she has.ITS SOOO IMPORTANT!Look thru the internet at what types of dogs are good left alone.while you work.etc...
    I am a stay at home mom..and this puppy has me behind on EVERYTHING..LOL...I spend a ton of time training him each and every day.
  3. PS- you can hire a dog walker while you are at work and there are doggy day camps as well-

    while you work-as other options too!
  4. Puppies need someone to be there a LOT. Esp. during training stages.
    Dogs do not.
    You may consider getting an older dog (say 2 yrs) or a kitty.

    When I got my puppy, my bf and I were going to school and we alternated who has home (while I had classes, he was home, and so on). Training requires a lot of time and patience...

    So think about that :smile:
  5. Thanks.

    Its been 5 years since i bought my dog and you're right. I have kinda forgotten about how much work it is.

    The dog that I'm looking at is a little dog. He's a silky terrier/yorkshire terrier mix. I'm not sure how they are about being alone. That's a good point. I need to research that.

    But what about working people getting puppies? is it so bad to have a job and a new pup? Will it be tramatic to be left alone everyday?

    When I got my dog 5 years ago he was living in a house full of people. My mom, dad , lil' sis and me. So we never had to go through "dog being alone thing". There was always someone there.

  6. Good idea. i need to look into that too. I wonder how expensive that would be?
  7. Being gone 9 hrs a day is waaaaaaaaaay too long for a puppy. You'll never get him/her trained right if you're away that long. *However* an older dog would be good to look into You should look at a shelter for a dog that is already housebroken, it'll save you tons of grief. is a great place to look.

    If you're gone 9 hrs, you'll need to look into a dog walker or doggie daycare anyway. And when you say 9 hours is that including your commute? Do you ever go out after work? Having a dog means no more happy hours or stopping off at the store after work. You have to take that into consideration as well.

    Dogs are a lot of responsibility, they require a lot of attention & they don't take kindly to being ignored. Think long and hard before getting a dog. You don't want to get a puppy and then have to give it up because you don't have enough time to take care of it.
  8. [​IMG] I couldnt resist this face when I saw him..LOL...Jillybean knows the trials I have had with him...but he is worth it!LOL!
  9. You don't want to leave a puppy alone. Believe me :huh:
    I think the max my puppy was alone was 4 hrs. They have to go about 4 times a day, then 3, then 2.
    If you leave them alone, they will get bored, they won't be trained, and be destructive, and start barking horribly. They won't be socialized and depending on the circumstances (if you leave them alone in a room or kennel) become very angry dogs that might bite and hurt people.

    So, keep in mind what is best for your dog.
  10. Ok here's my thing.

    i totally understandwhat you guys are saying.

    who works only 4 hours a day?

    Don't working people buy puppies and dogs? How do they deal with that?

    Do I honestly need to wait until I retire to buy a puppy? B-cuz thats the only time I will ever be home and not at work is when I retire. LOL:lol:

    i have to work. That won't change for a long long time. I'm not even 30 yet.
    Theres gotta be something i can figure out.

    Jill had a good idea about doggy day care. I dunno. I'm discouraged now
  11. you can do it..! there are long as you are dedicated to do training in ALL your spare time!LOL!..yes..I gave up TWO high end vactions(that were paid for..ouch) to get Ripley.....and I have no help from PHH with him.still...he puts a smile on my face at least 30 times a day...LOL..
  12. I work full time, and both of my pups are crate trained, but 9 hours is a horribly long time to leave a puppy alone, and hours longer than they can "hold it". (Puppies can only control their bladders for 1 hour per month of age.) I either go home at lunch or have someone go let them out and play with them a bit, and always go home immediately after work. It also depends on the breed. Some dogs are more hyper and need more activity, others less. Dogs are very social animals and need interaction. If you want an animal you can leave for long stretches, I'd suggest an older dog or a cat.
  13. What about leaving them in a larger but closed off space (lt so they can go in a designated spot) but still have access to the crate?

    With my first dog we used to leave him in the laundry area that was sealed off with his crate open so he could "go" on the newspaper away from his crate. That worked for him until he learned to go outside.

    Does that make sense? or did I not word it right?

    Everyones advice by the way is REALLY helpful. Keep it coming
  14. Can you run home on your lunch break? That would divide up the day. A lot of people do that. My boyfriend is in school, so he leaves earlier/gets home earlier than me depending on the day.

    Really consider looking into a rescued older dog. You can check breed rescues if you have a specific breed in mind. If you only want a puppy, it's probably a good idea to hold off. Getting a puppy because they're cute & little is all well and good but when you're up all night because he won't stop crying then you have go to work all day and then come home from the office to a crate or house stinking 9 hours of piss and poop-the novelty wears off quickly.

    Don't be discouraged. Look into other options. Having a dog is the best, but it's also a ton of responsibility-people forget that & then the dog suffers. It's better to know all this up front rather than finding out for yourself after getting a dog.

    LOL, Ripley is such a cutie, and the master of rolling in inappropriate things!
  15. ^^^^So very true. LOL

    I couldnt come home on my lunch. I work over 35 minutes away.

    BUT I only work 6 hour days on Sunday.:biggrin: LOL :lol:

    I really have a lot of thinking to do. :Push: